Active Titan Indicator

Can an Active Titan Indicator, similar to the War indicator be added to the alliance icon and Titan button on the alliance page. This would serve as a reminder to use titan flags, if you have available flags and a titan is available to hit.

There kinda is one for new titans. It appears when you’re on the map screens when there is a “new” titan (read “one that you haven’t hit yet”)

That indicator disappears once you’ve hit the titan tho.

Would it be able to be toggled off if a titan is a pass?
But honestly I feel like that should be a habit to be the first thing you do, check the status of the titan and hit if you have available flags everytime you log on.
But I can possibly see how it could be useful but not sure where the indicator would be

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Oooh, I know, how about a giant pop-up banner as soon as you open the game…

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