Active raid shield on inactive players?

I dont raid on my alt. he is ftp and I remember the pain of raiding when your bench is lacking. so I let his cups drop to 0 and forgot about getting raided.
now with this event I have to raid to get the daily points. so I go to my tower and pick targets. only to find out that a player inactive for months is under an active raid shield? wow, that must cost a small fortune.
did I miss anything? since when inactive players are immune to being raided? or even revenged?

I think long-time inactive players get “removed” from the raiding sphere…

I know that (at one stage) i was curious to see if someones defence would eventually drop to 0 if they never logged in. So I started keeping tabs on a couple dead alliances :wink:

From memory, their cups never changed so I lost interest pretty quick :stuck_out_tongue:

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