Active Players Please check this out! Forest Gnomes

Hi All,

We are now branching out! advertising for all wanna be Gnomes!

Our theme: Laid back but competitive guild whose interest is progressing through the content together. Hoping to get like minded players with a sense of humor to help each other out! We are an international alliance so you’re bound to bump in to someone at any time of the day.

Please check the alliances listed below to see which one fits your trophy count

[Forest Gnomes Gone Wild] - Hitting 7* Titans, Mid-Tier guild. Currently at 18/30 players. Required trophy is 1400. Currently 80% AW wins

[Forest Gnomes Gone Rabid] - Hitting 4* Titans, Low-Tier guild but progressing steadily. Currently at 25/30 players. Required trophy is 400

P.S. The names alone suggests that we are fun loving. Please check us out. You can also add me on line app as Sardhalud. We can chat there.


Bumping up!

Forest Gnomes Gone Wild is now hitting 7* titans and sweeping the war field in AW.

Forest Gnomes Gone Rabid still looking for members as well :slight_smile:

We still have some spots, growing, still hitting 7 star (wild), a bit lower (rabid) titans and all active. We talk a lot, but that’s not necessary as long as you help out on titans and use war flags you can be the silent one :slightly_smiling_face:

Update, still looking for dedicated players for us and sister alliance „forest gnomes gone rabid“. Fun loving we are, organized and with some knowledge. :fox_face:

Thanks Van! Bumping this up and updated banners! :slight_smile:


Still space for dedicated ones! Sister alliance is being rebuilt at the moment and will have space too! :fox_face:

Since today is day of Forest in background store, I wanna renew our offer. The wild still need a few dedicated ones and the rabids (which lose some to wild from time to time) take beginners too. We are a happy bunch asking for … you know it, don’t wanna bore you with „use flags if in war, blablabla…“ :slightly_smiling_face: international we are, wouldn’t mind a second one speaking German for making fun of my teammates, but I’m from Vienna, no Piefke :grin: Discord is our favorite base.

Ps: you don’t have to have red hood to enter the forest! :fox_face:

I am a member of a great alliance but wanted to commend you on such an excellent post.

Nice to see such a well thought out recruitment ad.

Great Work :+1:t3:

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Thank you! Unfortunately we will not meet on the field, maybe in the future! We hide in the shadows behind trees and Pirates, even such strong ones, usually don’t enter the forest :grin:

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Never say never. Really wasn’t that long ago that we were battling the same strength of Titans.
Your core principles in your recruitment and flexibility with inviting players from around the world mirror our alliance structure.

So maybe not tomorrow but someday soon we could meet on the battlefield.

Best of luck and keep at the recruitment.

I’m sure you realize this but make sure that you keep updating this post so it stays visible for your next alliance member. :wink::sunglasses::pirate_flag:

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Thx again, good idea to renew it more often! See ya on our turf in 2020 :fox_face:

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Here to support our own alliances.

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Welcome to the forum, Mandy! A pool of help and helpless! :smile::fox_face:

Welcome Mandy! Glad to have you on board Wild. For everyone’s Benefit Mandy as part of Rabid then went to Wild. Along with another active member Deck! But don’t worry, we got two additional ones for Rabid just now and we are maintaining our ranks.

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Still recruiting, rabids got about 10 free spaces for everyone, wild ones are looking for a few ones too, fighting 8star titans at average. Getting more and more international, players from the US, Philippines, Vietnam, Britain, China, Austria, Canada … but we win the majority of our wars, even with time zone differences. :grin:

Just a reminder, we are still there fighting 7 to 9star titans. For war we run red tanks, which seem unusual at our power level since we meet 80% blue tanks and 20 % holy ones. We are 22 at the moment, so we can take a small group too. No demands beside the usual ones, using war flags and reading at least featured message! :fox_face: still waiting for some dedicated members!

Still here, growing in strength and mind. :woozy_face: German talking ones welcomed too, I’m from Vienna. We run red tanks, going with holy ones in the future or a mix of both. Titans around 8stars, now I bit easier ones due to Valor. That’s me and our stats, i take my time to help and managed to know a lot about the game now (game isn’t science of course :upside_down_face:)

@Mizzy is that you, i mean the one with us right now? :thinking:

Are you still looking for players ?

Hi, we’re in talks for a merge, but the rabids can always take a few. How many are you or is it just you? Ah, first time in forum, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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