Active player looking for dedicated alliance

I knew the name was familiar. As @AmphibiousChris pointed out, an update on your current level would entice more high level alliance recruiters.
Good luck on your search :wink:

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The Silent Crusaders have broken away form our previous alliance because of people not using flags or becoming active. We’ve started from rock bottom but have each been in the game for over a year. We’re not world beaters but about half of us (we are 8 in total) are 2000+ cups and top teams of -/+3800. We are all active and just want to play.

Check us out
Judge President Paul

Elite empires. 8-9 star titans. Green tanks for war. We have 21 members, check it out! Very positive group not overly chatty. Laid back. 99.9% of the time all flags used.

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@Vito342 as many have said, it would be helpful to post a little more about yourself and what you’re looking for. In lieu of that, here’s some about my alliance, We Don’t Kneel.

We’re a mainly US alliance that’s been around for 2.5 years. Many have been with us for a year+, but we always like to see new faces :slightly_smiling_face:

Titans: Currently hitting 10-11*. We have several F2P players so we don’t encourage high-level titan items. Titan flasks are yours to use - most save theirs for rare titans. Titans are called off at 1/2 time and posted in the featured message.

Wars: We’re pretty focused on wars and normally have everyone in the alliance joined in. 6 flags are required as we do have rules that are enforced when flags are not used. All our members are busy adults so we don’t have a strict hitting schedule. You must be willing to follow our tank strategy and post a 4k+ war defense.

We offer a Line group for sharing rosters, etc. but other conversations are kept in-game. Drama is not tolerated as we come here to escape RL and have fun :laughing: Let me know if this matches what you’re looking for and we can talk more.

Hey Vito!! I’m a little late to the party of invites, but you can check us out- RockeyRampge. We are fun, friendly, and hitting 8-9* titans right now. We do strategize tank color for war. Hope you find an alliance you can call home👍🏼

Vito, If yo are still looking and can handle or are not afraid of 10/11* titans then we have a spot for you in The Locker. Daily titan hits are required. Wars are optional but flag use mandatory. We do use a simple war strategy that is timezone friendly for our European mates and are using yellow tanks.

If interested, drop on in or hit me up via Line at wolfwarrior66 for further information.

Vito in Drama Free Reboot we have an international alliance with daily hit requirements. Most of us have been here more than a year and started to move up to 12 star titans. Just come join for a couple of titans and see if we are a good fit for you.

@Vito342, if you looking for 12*-13* titan, 0 flag left for war, and fun, competitive , teamwork orriented, please check us :
Crew Squires Wardogz

Line us for further information : Kloster 31 or lagunzwolves-transparent-kawaii-2

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Dedicated alliance that likes active players.

Just a real quick something I am level 60 have a defense team of around 4,500

@Vito342 Thanks! That gives a point of reference for recruiters.

As for my alliance, I looks like you have the defensive strength to hold your own in our wars. If you’re interested in stopping by to give us a trial run, hit me up here or on Line at Kiann87.

As I mentioned previously, were looking for players with great attitudes and are team players.

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Hi Vito. I think youll fit right in with us. Here is a look at our roster.

Just search Drama Free Reboot and join our family.

I’m looking and I was wondering what’s the name of your alliance

It’s: We Don’t Kneel. If you don’t see it on the alliance list it may be the cup setting as we have it set at 2400 cups / invite only. Cups aren’t important to us, but we generally take those players we’ve talked to already or those that are known to us. The higher cup level helps manage that :slightly_smiling_face:

I can easily lower it if needed. Just let me know and to what.

I don’t usually pay attention to my cups but I think I have enough

Hi :wave:t3:
If you’re still looking for an alliance. Come and join us at Infinite Waters. Our alliance is currently on open invite.

Good luck finding your new home.

You are very welcome to join our team, Dynasty :star: Rizes we are very friendly and are playing #aPartTogther

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