Active Learning Alliance - looking for recruits or possible merger

Happy Homies consists of 15 players {12 very active}.
3 players with credentials to join a bigger alliance, but choosing not to.

We are looking to join a learning alliance to grow together.
NOT looking for a high power person to come raise our titan and war ratio’s.

We range 1.7K power to 3K power.
Have 8+ people who participate in wars.

Would love the opportunity to offer or find a new alliance!

Thank you!


You’re doing just fine, on this here forum. :wink:

You’ll be inundated with offers I’m sure. Tagging some friends who might be able to help you as they are affiliated with more than one alliance.

@Guvnor @Neano


Thanks for the tag @Sarah2; unfortunately @Elgringovato my alliance family (We Are Groot) doesn’t have the space to take in 15 (or even 12) members

This thread here is all about “training” alliances:

Hey! Check out Rob the Bruce. Most are very active, but also very chill. There are currently 13 open spaces and we’d love to discuss a merger. Currently trying to strengthen the squad. Still facing 6*/7* Titans as we’re fairly new but looking to improve. Coordination and communication required to participate in war.


Thanks @Sarah2

@Elgringovato, our sister alliance has many slots open, if you are interested please check us out.



We have 10 spots open in our Alliance, Deadly souls. Check us out if you’re interested, we could possibly work something out.

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