Active clan look for active

Hungry for progression.

Fellow Empire and Puzzles players,

Berserkers Too is an organized, competitive, no-drama alliance looking for a few more everyday players interested in working towards end-game content (11*/12* Titans, Alliance working towards top 100). Admittedly, we still have work to do, but we are enjoying the journey. Are you looking for an Alliance motivated for this continuous progress? Please check us out/join us!

We are a social international English-speaking Alliance and enjoy each other. We utilize Line app and talk about Empires and Puzzles, wine, travel, life and other interests. Our basic requirements/expectations are:

  1. Line App…communication is key…not only for success in the game but also for becoming part of our social community.
    2000+ trophies: a majority of our members are 2300+ working on getting to 2500+. If your trophy count is low, but your desire and goal is to get to 2500+ this can be negotiable.

  2. Titan hits: we are looking for everyday players who consistently hit Titans on both sides of the 11 hour mark. Real life certainly comes first and we are not hardline on this, but the majority of players accomplish this.

  3. Wars: We are closing in on having all members with a defensive team over 4000. Our expectation during wars is to utilize all 6 flags effectively. Depending on the strength of teams, it may mean a primary clean-up role…so we are interested in utilizing the strength of our members to achieve the highest possible score every time

So if any of this sounds remotely intriguing, please send a dm to Line App ID: fnk111.


New setup for the experience of this game, join us

Merger welcome to talk.

Most alliance faded away but there we will stand, tell me why?

@Hulll The Wolves of Winterfell are looking to create a new competitive alliance and instead of creating one, we are looking for a semi formed alliance and yours look like just what we are looking for. Plus we have a few peeps on the waitlist we can quickly fill this new alliance with.

We also have the Ravens of Winterfell as a sister casual competitive alliance and we are part of the King of the North family, so we get a chance to share a lot of knowledge and experience with all the alliances.

We would love to have a chat if you guys are open to a discussion and see how things go. LINE ID: ronandex501 or dogdaze007. Tell them Kira sent you.

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Hi Kira,

Glad to get ur msg and I will hv a internal discussion first, catch you later :slight_smile:

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200pull for a mother! Dang, if you are also crazy like that, join us.

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