Action Figures

Hello to everyone! This is my first post and topic to the forum, so i am new here but not to the game as i have been playing Empires and Puzzles for about 7 months.
What is your opinion if a company as weta (sideshowcollectibles) or another with such nice products and quality, could make statues and figures of the game we all love? Is it possible?


Hello, i’m already paying a ton of money on this game so i would totally buy the action figures😂


I’d buy a life size version of Vivica.


That is an interesting idea. Not only would they be pretty cool (not for me but maybe others) but it would also be good marketing. If you could get them into some big stores a lot of people would see them and possibly be curious as to what they are all about.

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This is a good idea. To tie the figures into the game, they could also enclose some kind of code to redeem to get some amount of gems depending on how expensive the figures are. Might be a good way to entice potential new players to join the game as well as being a great collectible for existing players.


Love this idea! I would consider buying few of my favorite characters, like Red Hood. Screenshot_20180704-145046_Empires


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