🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual?

I think for me it’s become sort of a Very bad habit to always check in when i see my phone. Almost Ocd like

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I’m playing with 2 accs /Main is 62 and the alt-54 i think/ and felt that I must change something.

Because my work is from a PC or laptop, I started to use android emulators. Nox player and Bluestacs are good ones. I’m doing this, because I can farm in a background when doing something other on my PC. Thats how I don’t have problems with the WE flags/chests and as a bous not draining my battery.

I have my Vanilla heroes and don’t have only 2 or 3 of them. One of them is Horghall, that’s why I think it’s not big problem and not chasing it except for the collection. Yes, I started to collect 3*s and to lvl dupes, because I reached one point, where I dont have heroes to max. Have my only HoTm Margaret, which is not fully leved from tokens. I don’t make pulls and not collecting gems for them, because the dissapointment with these odds is crazy. Did only once 10x for troops.

I started to don’t care much for the PoV, if I have time and if I’ll not feel myself pressed, I do the daily challenges and some of the others. But I’m not expecting anything from it. I don’t pay for Vallor vip, because the price is too big for what they offer us. Not to forget we are investing our time and effort, no matter we don’t spend real cash. Imo they must think how to start paying us somehow: the loyal players, the beta testers they use for free, the mods again for free, etc.

Very rare when in mood I play Raids. It’s not something what I like to do much. The same is for the Raid tournaments.

Skipping most of the challenge events, too much stress. Yes, the loot for finishing them is ok, but whatever, noone pays me to work this. They even want I to pay them, wtf!?

The AWs are problem, because I like sometimes to play them, but for now decided just to opt out and live without them. The loot is crap.Will play from time to time.

P.S. To be free, imo you must be f2p! Use android emulators, the loot from everywhere is crap. No need to spend money or so much time. It’s a game! A phone game! And it’s a game with ugly graphics and
it doesn’t worth to give a **** for it, just jump from alliane to alliance and have fun. Don’t want to be a leader or a co anymore. And want to change the alliances often, depending on my mood and if I like to hit 5*, to move in such alliance, if i want bigger… there is big choice from different types of them. Just choose one and jump in. I don’t feel tied with the people that way how I read some are. I don’t know some of them their faces or playing with some more than an year and don’t know their real names. It’s better to change the gameplay. to experience from everything. The game is Dead. Stop investing and have fun until it still exists like there is no tomorrow. Buy some cool avatar or badge with the gems. There is no RNG for them. lol

Interesting note on where to focus playing if you want to maximize time spent versus mats earned:

Titans, Mystic Vision, and Rare Quests can account for 67% of 4* AM drops and 53% of your 3* AM drops. No grinding/farming necessary. YMMV


Hey! What a coincidence. Those are the main things I focus on. Well, those and monster chests (which can easily be autofilled).

Honestly… I have multiple accounts, and I feel very little need to actively play more than an hour or two a day. I can autoplay about 90% of my daily content. Obviously if you also want to do raids and wars and tournaments and place in the top 1% on challenge leaderboards and such, you’re going to have to put more effort in… but then you also have to ask yourself after the fact whether or not it was worth the extra time. For me, personally? It’s usually not.

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When I was getting burnt, I decided to focus only on what would hurt my alliance if I quit: Titans and cheerleading. I opted out of a few wars, backed off the forum, and let my loot tickets and flasks accumulate. I started sleeping through the night and stopped farming levels. I played a different game for variety (but quit because there is no community like this one).

I got reenergized when Season 3 came out - I am enjoying the variety of puzzles. My son and I started a small family farm so I am more grounded in reality and can actually use what we farm. I am back to farming game levels, back to the Forum and enjoying the balance. Never felt the need to rage quit because I have never striven to be #1, and my expectations of the game are, frankly, low.

I’m a therapist, and years ago I was in therapy twice a week because my job working with abused kids was eating me alive. One day, my therapist pointed out that I was expecting the world to be just and fair. It isn’t. That doesn’t take all of my anger/sadness/frustration about life’s injustices away, but when burnout hits, a reality check usually helps…

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About 6 weeks into transitioning to playing a lot more casually, here’s where I’m at:

tl;dr — I’ve largely stopped playing, and find the little I am playing more of a chore than fun. I think I would just quit outright if not for the Forum and moderators/SG Staff.

The underlying issue is that I don’t really have anything to work on in the game that I care about.

Full Details:

  • Spending — I used to spend $48 USD/month as my regular budget, but dropped to $23 in May, $4 in June, and $0 in July. I don’t plan to spend again. I let VIP lapse, and didn’t buy Valor Pass.

  • Forum — I started a “bit of a break” a few weeks ago, and have ended up spending even less time on the Forum than I expected. Beta being closed helps, but I’m not sure I see myself coming back in a meaningful way in August at this point.

  • Hero Leveling — I had mostly stopped working on Heroes before this anyway, and have continued to only use feeders from farming. I have 4300 or so uncollected feeders in my TCs.

  • Troop Leveling — I was previously working on Troops, but have mostly run out of feeders. I don’t really expect to make significant additional progress on them in the future at this point.

  • Building Upgrades — I have everything upgraded except one Advanced Farm at 8, one Advanced Iron Storage at 9, and Hero Academy on its way to 2. My plan was to bring Hero Academy to 6 to work on Troops in a mostly useless fashion, which I guess I’m still heading toward. I might just stop, or keep upgrading to 10 just for the sake of completion, depending on whether I return to actively playing ever.

  • War — Opted Out (whole time)

  • Titans — Been hitting regularly; now transitioning to stop after our current Titan

  • Alliance — Departing after I finish POV Titans Valor Challenge, expected today; stepped down as the nominal Leader a couple weeks ago.

  • Raids — Initially, dropped from Diamond to Silver to have fun with 3*, but now barely Raiding. I’ve had a Chest partway filled most of the week.

  • Rare Quests, Class Trials & Costume Quests — Still completing, and think I’ll keep up with them for now, mostly on Autoplay, in case I return to the game eventually.

  • Valhalla — I’ve stopped progressing on Season 3. If I miss it at some point, I’ll return to it, but otherwise I’ll probably just remain paused.

  • Tavern of Legends — I’m undecided. The Coins are mostly useless, other than for an exciting new source of Dawas, but it is a somewhat fun place to use weird Hero combinations, so I’ll continue if it still feels fun.

  • Challenge Events — Completed Avalon, mostly on Autoplay for Rare/Epic, and made no effort to hit a particular Rewards Tier. My current plan is to do the same next month.

  • Raid Tournaments — I’ve been opting in still, though I forgot to use my Attacks once for the first time ever. I also basically threw my attacks when I got bored with the 5* Tournament last week, so I’ll probably keep entering for now, but decide whether to bother with it based on whether I’m enjoying it.

  • Farming — I’ve been letting a lot more WE go unused, increasingly, and expect that I won’t bother with much farming on an ongoing basis outside of important Quests/Events. Without Challenge Event competition or hitting Titans, I don’t really need the Crafting Ingredients as much anyway.


I wish you continued success as you continue on your journey to focus on what’s really important to you.
Blessings :smile:


Sounds like the writing is on the wall… which is sad for me, and many others that have grown attached to your presence on the forum. But if it’s what best for you, then I can smile for the wonderful opportunities that are sure to await you.


I went unexpectedly more casual this past week as RL went kablooey.

For now I’m just doing the stuff I love or that interests me (“ha, raid, begone!”) and even took a week-long vaycay into our sister alliance (opted out of war, but hitting titans), just trying to get RL and game-life back on the same track.

Home now in Misfit Toys and signed in to war. We’ll see how it goes. (I could easily have taken another two weeks…) :wink:


I dearly hope a break will give you a new excitement about the game…and that we will be able to stop wearing masks soon…

I don’t know which way the wind will blow on either one. But I wanted to let you know that after being so burnt out, I have found new balance & am actually really enjoyed ng the game again. Some of it is chemistry - new alliance mates, changing up my teams at the suggestion of better players. Some of it is backing way off & playing it as a game vs a second job. Most of it, I think, is awareness that I have something to offer as the chaplain of our alliance. These are unsettling times.

Zephyr, you are a presence here as are so many others. You make this a good place to be. Your hearts mean something, and you have been instrumental in making this a safe place.

I hope your new “mix” re-energizes you. If not, I will have to compose a fitting farewell. Meanwhile, lots of love…



Most of the time i let my WE goes unused. I do only important quest.

I used to love raiding and love to find hard unique defense or newly launched heroes to make my youtube videos (using free reroll button), but since SG nerfed the reroll button, i stop raiding and stop making youtube videos as finding specific enemies defense or newly launched heroes on defense now become very costly.


I took a small step today and decided I’ll no longer do the Taverns quest. I already don’t buy the offer, or use gems to pull, and my free coins don’t give me anything but feeder 3 stars.

When I was doing the quest today I realized that the first time was a novelty but this time it felt like I was just wasting my time. Yes, I know the game is supposed to be a time waster but I could have simply filled that time by auto-farming while I worked on other stuff around the house.

It’s a baby step but it’s the first crack!


Another serious method is to

  1. Announce you are quitting the game

  2. Break away and make a chillout retiree alliance, preferably with inactive players or only yourself in it

  3. Only log on when you want to, no obligations - once a day for 5-10 mins (to wean off the addiction)

Ask: How do you feel?

3a) If you are unhappy about this, you know you can “up it” a bit and play more casually.

3b) If you are very happy with this, congrats, you are well on your way to quitting and eventually the 5-10 minutes might become zilch.

3c) If you are undecided you can keep logging in randomly with no obligations and just relax…


Bought VIP again. Not ready to detach. :grin:


Well, that was predictable.

I think @princess1 has this one right:


I feel tired and jaded too. I reach my 2 year anniversary of playing this week!
Agonised about leaving the alliance that I have been in for 676 days and love so much. I guess I am the “de facto” leader. I mentioned last night I was thinking of leaving after the war and before PoV. I promised to mull it overnight.

Now its morning, I can’t quite hit the leave button, but this morning I posted the following to them:

Hi all. Decided to stay a while with some changes. Not going to pay for or stress about PoV. Will opt out of next 2 wars and see how I feel. Will continue to hit Titans to help the team. Will not post so much in the alliance banners. Will probably not continue my record keeping of War and Titan results. Will only do events where there is a guaranteed 4 star mat at the end. You folks are just too great to abandon! If, on that basis, you would prefer me to leave - I’ll hop over to Jax/Sarah before the next war :heart:"

Lets see where it leads me! (Jax/Sarah are in our newly formed “chill” alliance … the only 2 members for now)


IMHO, it’s definitely the friends you meet along the way that encourages active daily play. 676 days in the same alliance is a huge commitment - GL in your decision making… Tough call :hugs:.


I’m looking forward to a 1v1 war with @zephyr1

I heard from a birdie that you are bullying people in a certain pirate parking lot…as am I in empire retirees


Indeed, I very badly bullied a poor matchup (final score was 9000 to 2196), and opted back out after that.

That was the only War I’ve fought in since the beginning of June when I opted out initially.


I did a big big bully match up too but I was just too sheepish to admit it here


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