🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual?

About 6 weeks into transitioning to playing a lot more casually, here’s where I’m at:

tl;dr — I’ve largely stopped playing, and find the little I am playing more of a chore than fun. I think I would just quit outright if not for the Forum and moderators/SG Staff.

The underlying issue is that I don’t really have anything to work on in the game that I care about.

Full Details:

  • Spending — I used to spend $48 USD/month as my regular budget, but dropped to $23 in May, $4 in June, and $0 in July. I don’t plan to spend again. I let VIP lapse, and didn’t buy Valor Pass.

  • Forum — I started a “bit of a break” a few weeks ago, and have ended up spending even less time on the Forum than I expected. Beta being closed helps, but I’m not sure I see myself coming back in a meaningful way in August at this point.

  • Hero Leveling — I had mostly stopped working on Heroes before this anyway, and have continued to only use feeders from farming. I have 4300 or so uncollected feeders in my TCs.

  • Troop Leveling — I was previously working on Troops, but have mostly run out of feeders. I don’t really expect to make significant additional progress on them in the future at this point.

  • Building Upgrades — I have everything upgraded except one Advanced Farm at 8, one Advanced Iron Storage at 9, and Hero Academy on its way to 2. My plan was to bring Hero Academy to 6 to work on Troops in a mostly useless fashion, which I guess I’m still heading toward. I might just stop, or keep upgrading to 10 just for the sake of completion, depending on whether I return to actively playing ever.

  • War — Opted Out (whole time)

  • Titans — Been hitting regularly; now transitioning to stop after our current Titan

  • Alliance — Departing after I finish POV Titans Valor Challenge, expected today; stepped down as the nominal Leader a couple weeks ago.

  • Raids — Initially, dropped from Diamond to Silver to have fun with 3*, but now barely Raiding. I’ve had a Chest partway filled most of the week.

  • Rare Quests, Class Trials & Costume Quests — Still completing, and think I’ll keep up with them for now, mostly on Autoplay, in case I return to the game eventually.

  • Valhalla — I’ve stopped progressing on Season 3. If I miss it at some point, I’ll return to it, but otherwise I’ll probably just remain paused.

  • Tavern of Legends — I’m undecided. The Coins are mostly useless, other than for an exciting new source of Dawas, but it is a somewhat fun place to use weird Hero combinations, so I’ll continue if it still feels fun.

  • Challenge Events — Completed Avalon, mostly on Autoplay for Rare/Epic, and made no effort to hit a particular Rewards Tier. My current plan is to do the same next month.

  • Raid Tournaments — I’ve been opting in still, though I forgot to use my Attacks once for the first time ever. I also basically threw my attacks when I got bored with the 5* Tournament last week, so I’ll probably keep entering for now, but decide whether to bother with it based on whether I’m enjoying it.

  • Farming — I’ve been letting a lot more WE go unused, increasingly, and expect that I won’t bother with much farming on an ongoing basis outside of important Quests/Events. Without Challenge Event competition or hitting Titans, I don’t really need the Crafting Ingredients as much anyway.