🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual?

I think that this proves the point that there are so many ways to play and enjoy the game.

The three bits of regular content I enjoy the most are Raids, War and Raid Tournaments. PoV now as well. Events I just complete, I tried competing once and fell just outside decent loot and didn’t enjoy the experience. (Caveat on Raids, enjoyment declined with Telluria domination, I find the lack of variety tedious)

100% agree that I don’t want to be on 14* titans, they don’t allow for relaxed play. 9* & 10* allow you to last 90 seconds without resorting to too many materials

I have “stepped back” several times and my time commitment didn’t go down. Now that I am utterly bored with farming and feeling less joy as more things feel like obligations my time logged on has fallen sharply.

As founder of my alliance I feel a strong sense of obligation there and I don’t think I would enjoy 1 person wars nor single person titans so I need to be in an alliance.

I am trying to / need to take a personal inventory of which parts of the game I actually enjoy and which parts are compulsions that lead to negative emotions.


That’s exactly where I’m at. There are times I really enjoy my game and other times I’m really discouraged. And for me its not about the HA or AL, or even my bad luck at summons. I need to take stock of when I’m enjoying myself and when I’m not. - then make some decisions.


I just want to echo a huge THANKS to @zephyr1 and all who have shared tips on reducing the burden. This thread is the most useful & important one, to me, in quite a while. (and the forum is full of good posts!)

I’ve shared with my whole alliance and our 3 sister alli.

There are many of us contemplating the problem of burnout, reducing spending and some departing all-together. I really hope that the Devs are recognizing the scope of the problem, and quickly make some QoL improvements to help us manage.

Two really big ones would be:

  • “Titan 2.0”. Alternative modes of cooperative play for ascention mats that aren’t as repetitive as stringing titans together. Not MORE modes , different modes.

  • Built in player and war stats, available to alliance leadership ideally, or at least to each player individually, to support learning & improvement.


I am part of an invite only very small party, however we usually accept requests to join. I am usually the one that kicks people if they haven’t played for three weeks, however I always wish they would let me know why they weren’t playing if they had a good reason. Ie holiday, sickness, burn out etc I would not kick them .

I Love the suggestions I’m seeing here.
I’m a person in long term recovery from addiction and the gambling/competitive aspects of the game have been incredibly difficult to keep in balance.
I’ve been co-leader of an industrious little alliance, but the game play has become more of an overbearing obligation than a pastime.
I’ve been on the verge of quitting, but I’d hate to just delete the game after I’ve spent so much crazy money on it.
I also love my alliance mates.
I’ve tried another game with some disgruntled E&P players from.the forum here, but it’s just not the same.
What I’ve decided to do is to start an associated training/vacation alliance where I can be f2p and hit or not hit without letting anyone down. I can mentor newbies that aspire to be competitive, and hang out with old timers that need a break, while still maintaining involvement with my alliance mates.
I can do crazy things like defending my SH with 4* troops and hitting titans with a variety of lower echelon heroes, getting to know their synergies better.
I won’t have to grind to make harpoons or bust @55 to pull and level up fancy new heroes for wars.
I can be Leisurely, and find the fun I’ve been missing.
The best part is that my alliance mates, at least the leadership cadre, are all on board with the idea too.
Thanks for the thread, Zephyr1, and everyone who’ve posted so far


The problem in this game is there is absolutely no way to see a players skill. No win percentages, very ftp unfriendly, and everything just takes to long at this point. It became a chore instead of something fun.

This game was like a used car. I made my payments for 2 years and some, got my enjoyment, but over time problem after problem has taken that enjoyment away, and like any car, it became time to look for a newer model.

2 years with a game is a long time and with that being said, the gaming world has changed alot in that time. With all the information gathered by other companies, newer games look better, are more tailored for smaller spending over time and definitely more bang for your buck. Empires did what it was supposed to do until it didn’t anymore. I enjoy my friends I have made here but unfortunately, there is just so much that I have a problem with in this game that was addressed in my newer one that the only thing I want is more players from here to come there. I log in but nothing is fun anymore and thats sad to me as I remember when all we talked about for hours was team comps, possible strategies, the bext war…those were the days but as time goes on in this game and more money gets spent they attitude of players changes with it.

The lack of care for the ftp crowd complete pushed out of the game and after 2 years of regular spending on a budget I still have yet to +30 a single troop(23 around is highest) and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. The amount of money required here is not worth the return as almost every event can be manipulated by cash versus skill.

I dont summom anymore, rarely raid, do my wars and tournaments only because my guys are still here but as soon as they upgrade phones and what not to leave for good I will be going with them. thnx empires for 2 years and sadly you should have listened to the playerbase and thought about everyone instead of just your whale group.


This has been bothering me a lot too.

I’m working on Troops instead of Heroes right now, using feeders from farming.

Hero Academy will add a way to produce some Troop feeders too — but when I calculated that it would take 9 YEARS to max a set of Troops with it, I was quite frustrated. That’s going to improve a bit before release, I think, but it’s still going to be a massive grind.

Level 30 Troops — especially having more than one in each color — seem to be something intended only for people who purchase them.

And that’s a frustrating game design decision, when it provides advantage in so many aspects of the game.

I don’t mind grinding, but don’t ask me to grind for a decade just to catch up to someone who spent a couple grand on Troop feeders.


I used to do every quest just for the sake of doing the quest. With all the extra stuff added now I find myself skipping half of them. It was never about the most efficient use of flags for me. I reminisce now about the days when I could do all the quests and still have the flags to fill my chests.

Game was a lot simpler back then, wasn’t it? Not that I’m opposed to adding new content, just that I usually can’t do all of them without burning multiple WE flasks, so I have to weigh the flag-per-reward ratio. And sometimes it means I have to hold off on filling my monster chest because I’d rather have the loot from some quest or event.


yeah, that’s shocking


For players started this game 2 years ago, actually can be a little relaxed in my opinion.

Hero roster should be quite decent now with 18-25 of 5* max, full of 3-4* maxed.
Items are already full loaded.

No need to rush or to chase for 5* so much.
Monthly Challenge, Seasonal Challenge can be kind of entertaining rather than challenge… LoL

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Completely agree. I usually have enough food to level up my troops… but the LACK of troops from farmable sources just kills it. Not to mention the steep experience requirements.

the only way I’m coping is to actively care a little bit less every day!


It’s the mentality as much as anything…

Wars may only be 15 minutes a day, but if your competitive streak is such that you’re never quite happy with your performance, it’s going to be drive you to spending more and more time on thinking about ways to improve and team compositions etc… And more time in game practicing, trying to help the rest of your alliance and on trying to do absolutely everything you can to extend your roster further.

At some point, making peace with your personal contributions is a huge part of stopping the game from taking control of you.

If you’re never “that guy” in the first place? I’m honestly extremely happy for you… But this thread is mostly about those of us that were (or still are) “that guy” and sharing ideas on breaking that cycle back into a more normal frame of mind and play.


I guess its heavily dependant on aliance you chose.Thats why i prefer aliance with some rules and order but without too much focus on competition.

Perhaps yes, or for some players.

There are others for whom it doesn’t much matter.

Noone else being competitive may not matter… You don’t have to be pushy (or indeed pushed) to be competitive with yourself.

I’m pleased what you’re doing is working for you :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with you. After almost 3 years my roster is good enough to be able to fight any titan stars of my choosing - I choose to not fight 13/14.

My bench is deep enough to do well enough in wars to help my alliance mates. I can complete every quest and challenge.

I can pick and choose when I want to do a summons. I can decide to not keep dupes and not stress about not getting some fancy hero. I can compete or not - generally I choose not to. I can modestly drop my cups so I get a nice variety of opponents ( not just the Tell trinity).

Because I have two profiles, I can choose to use one to visit other alliances, meeting other players and discussing strategies and policies. I have the luxury now of spending or not since I have very few heroes I’m currently working on and don’t need to rush to get ascension items.

I can choose to do only those components of the game that I enjoy.

Thank you so much for your post! This is the first time I’ve been able to start thinking with more clarity exactly where I’m at and where I want take my game going forward.


this worked very well for me. A few months back I tried to see how high I could go with Challenge Events. I spent hours that weekend replaying and replaying… and compulsively checking my phone to see if I was still in the tiers I wanted. I used up so many WE flasks and nearly my entire inventory of bombs, mana pots, etc.

Then I realized…

… I wasn’t having fun anymore!

Yeah sure, the rewards are great, but…

So I stopped. And the next month, I made it a goal to push only for one tier higher than where I finished last. Sure, challenge myself a bit, but not to the point I was burning out. I had to do a few replays, sure, but only a few stages a day to keep me at a good level…

… and I enjoyed it SO much more. Now I don’t dread the challenge events anymore, I actually look forward to them because they are a pleasant change from the usual grind.


I have only ever played the challenge events to finish them. If I happen to do well and finish a bit higher in the standings then that’s an added bonus. I play to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.

Which is also how I approach portals.


I am, indeed I was a very active player, but lately I gave up because this game has now become indecent. They only think about squeezing us money and I’m looking for alternatives. The advice I give to everyone is: play less and do not spend money x this game because they have to understand who is in charge and who gives them bread.
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