Across the bridge

Does anybody know how to open the area across the bridge?

You need your stronghold at level 20

Stronghold is at 20. I’m wondering if it all has to be level 20. Working on that.

Can you clarify which bridge? Maybe take a screenshot of your castle area and post that.

There are several bridges on the grounds, yet only some of them open new areas.

Possibly talking about bridge leading outside the base. There are two of them.
Those are for future development, I guess.

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The bridges on left and right looking at the castle.

4 posts were merged into an existing topic: Spys in your Castles!

The OP’s post was about bridges, not spies.

May I close this? Or do you still have a question about bridges? (No, getting to stronghold lvl 20 will not open a new area here.) :wink:

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Yes close it. I was just curious. I seen someone has that side open and had a gem generator in there.

As you request. Happy playing! :slight_smile:

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