Acquiring Ascension items and sharing in the alliance ECT

I’m just wondering, why it’s not an option to bring battle items to war/raids? I feel that would be beneficial but still leave the game challenging…
Also it would be nice to be able to gift ascending items or crafting items within you’re alliance. Just some thoughts that’s all.

RE “Gifting” or “Trading”

Don’t think there exists a thread about the use of Battle Items in Raids / War.
Maybe change this thread to being soley about that idea?

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Look at how much HP enemy heroes have in raid/war. 5 dragon attacks. Game. Every time. Any defense.


The attacker already has a huge advantage. Generally it’s typically an unrecoverable bad board that does me in. Add battle items (mana pots) and I (and most players) would never lose.


I have no clue I just thought it would be a really good option to have. Seeing how we are in alliances. So we should be allowed to help our alliances out.

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