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I’ve seen tons of threads about the game going to Pay2Play and Ascention materials being ridiculous to obtain. I myself have 8 heros waiting on ascention materials, I’ve been playing for around 6 mnths and in that time some of these materials I’ve only obtained 2 of! My biggest concern tho is the fact that some players on my team have never got a 5* hero yet in months of playing, I’ve got 8, where a teammate of mine has gotten over 40 5* heros, why is there such a huge difference in players getting 5*s? They need to change whatever they’re doing for players getting top heros,its stupid!! Small Giants are getting greedy and ruining the game just like every other online player vs player game has done in the past!! I will NOT be spending one more penny on this game until I see changes and I fully suggest EVERYONE STOP SPENDING MONEY until they take our concerns seriously. If you want results, hit them where it hurts, their wallets!!!

That’s definitely part of the charming mystic of the game…

Everybody waiting and hoping to receive legendaries and mats…


Are we seriously going to be complaining about this again?


There are many ways to acquire 5 star heroes naturally as well. Pay does absolutely affect progression, but thats the game design,


Make sure you’re familiar with how to maximize the rate of materials, we all have blind spots

And it’s quite possible to play for free, with effort and good fortune. Here are some absolutely stonking freely acquired rosters

Good luck, however you decide to proceed :+1:


I suspect money…

I’ve been playing around 19 months. It’s always been this way. Get used to it. If you don’t like the slow progression, maybe this isn’t the game for you. It’s clearly worked for them financially.

I know how it works, and will continue to spend money. If you buy a bunch of 5 star heroes, dont expect to ascend them all to max for a year or so.

There has been a lot of discussion about ways to reduce randomness. Of course, that’s a two-edged sword: a free/cheap account can with a single Atlantis summons get Ariel and Frida, and if we start trimming the tails of the distribution of outcomes, my bet is that we will see trimming in both directions—very bad luck could go, but very good luck will also go.

Two good example of reducing the variance: Atlantis coins—in contrast to epic hero tokens—and class emblems—in contrast to epic ascension materials. We get a slow, somewhat random drip of coins and emblems—never enough that one award makes a big difference, but the awards are frequent enough that you feel you’re making progress. EHTs and epic mats drop very rarely, and you don’t need many to be impactful—but the outcome is very binary, and when yu’re in a stretch of not getting any, it feels like an eternity.

One idea I’ve been shilling is shards for heroes and rare mats.

Others have explored ideas for increasing the odds of pulling a 5* each time you don’t succeed in getting one and several variants of that idea.

The problem you see is for new players, frustrated at having few/no 5* heroes. There’s a parallel frustration among established players: the odds of pulling anything useful from a summons are tiny. For example, I didn’t pull Alice during last month’s challenge event, but I did get Hatter and QoH. I don’t need any of the classic 3*, 4*, or 5* heroes. So each summons had a 0.33% (one-third of one percent) chance of giving me the one hero I would find useful. Sorry, I’m not summoning with those odds.


There’s no guaranteed way to buy a 5* hero? I’ve been playing for 9 months and have pulled 1 from a gate. The other I got from tc20. I have 2 in 9 months and I have no motivation to want to spend anymore money. Not so sure this game is sustainable for a long run. I feel it runs more folks off then it keeps ahold of money wise that is. Just my opinion tho.

BlockquoteI’m intentionally bumping this old thread to revive discussion. In another thread (complaining about low 5* drop rates) part of my reply included an extension of the idea that was started in this thread. Here it is for further discussion: Instead of rare mats dropping outright, you collect fragments of specific mats, e.g. a Mystic Ring fragment. These trickle in much more often than a Mystic Ring. Accumulate, say, 20 shards and then you can forge them into a Mystic Ring. This approach reduces …

^^sorry, not sure of the right way to copy that ^^

i love the idea of adding the shards into the game—in addition to the current AM drops. it could go a long way to helping one feel productive as they are waiting for the Fates to drop the shield.

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