Acount problem

Small Giant don’t store your email address, so to them it doesnt matter which email is linked to which Google Play account. When you say “Mi-a dat alt id,” do you mean:

  1. A new Google Play ID, from Google?


  1. A new Empires and Puzzles Account ID? And if so, who gave it to you?

I just removed the IDs. It’s not safe to post them publicly.

What you need to do is go through the lost account process. The information you need to provide them is in this post:

They don’t need to know the email address, but they will need a receipt from Google play from a purchase on the old account.

I think there was a communication failure between you and them. But they need the receipts to verify that you’re the owner of the account that they’re reconnecting.

Use this link:

This is what the whole form looks like. You can see at the bottom where you can attach a receipt.

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