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Howdy. I have a pretty serious problem with the game. My phone has malfunctioned and installed the game on another device. If I installed it, I’ve logged in with my facebook gmail account, but the game starts from scratch. Ajutatma will ask me to reclaim my account. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time in it to lose my account. I have attached a picture I have posted in the past.

Make sure that you have logged in with the same email account that you had used before. The progress is always saved, so don’t worry about it. You just need to figure that you are using the correct email in Play Store when opening the game.


I had same problem. After I went through tutorial (which takes abount 10 min.) I could change back to my normal account.
Have you tried this?

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Email or gmail acount?

Yeah the gmail account.

I tried today many times, but still for nothing. It starts from the beginning. How can I get in touch with the game maker?

Ok, then you should definitely contact support. Here is how you can do it.


I apologize for stressing my problem, but I did not understand what to do more precisely. Can you explain to me here? Please

You can follow the above link to submit a support ticket regarding your situation. The developers should be able to help. Make sure to include your actual game name and alliance if possible to help them find it, include a screenshot of your previous aacount if possible. You can ask one of your alliance members to send you a screenshot of your profile.

Also, do you have multiple gmail accounts? If yes, then make sure you add all of them to your Play Store. Then you can just select each of them and see which one saved your progress.

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But where do they send you what you said? I have a picture of myself with my account. I’m gone, I think I’m out.

@Boolz, @Ian487 any chance either of you could explain this better in #foreign-languages? I feel like there might be a bit of a communications barrier…


we will talk in romanian from now on:



trebuie sa trimiti un ticket catre SG.
intra aici si alege Lost account

si apoi completeaza cu ce ti se cere.

daca vrei sa pui si ce imagine ai din joc, e bine sa o uploadezi pe un site (gen si apoi pune linkul la description.

daca mai ai nevoie de ajutor, let me know.

bafta! :slight_smile:


Salut. Mersi,o sa încerc acum . Poate reusesc

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Sper să reușești să-ți recuperezi contul. @Boolz ți-a explicat exact ce ar fi de făcut, sper să îți fie de folos.

I hope you’ll get your account back. @Boolz already explained exactly what you have to do, I hope it will serve you well.


Nu am reusit sa recuperez contul.:confused::disappointed: Cei de la empire au spus ca este problema celor de la google play.Cum se recuperează progresul din google play?:frowning: Sau cum sa vezi tot istoricul ,tot ce ai salavat in google?Daca stie cineva astept cu nerăbdare sfaturi.Multumesc​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

@Boolz, @Ian487 un sfat în afară de acel formular? Mulțumesc anticipat

Cred ca asta-i singura posibiltate.
Daca ai emailul google in mod normal ai acolo salvate ce achievements ai avut pe acel cont; o dovada clara ca e contul tau.

si ia legatura. altfel nu vad cum.

Urâtă fază… nu am altă idee… dacă ai screenshoturi recente cu numarul de cont, cu rosterul, watch tower-ul şi ascension mat-urile să le trimiţi la SG. Poate ajută. Eu imi fac inainte de fiecare update… sper sa nu ajung să le folosesc vreodată… Mult noroc, level 71 înseamna doi ani din viaţă, sper să îi recuperezi până la urmă…

Staff communication replaces by a link to the same information on the SG website:

@Boolz, @Ian487

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