🌚 Aconia – 5* Dark / Purple from Contest of Elements

I currently have Aconia at 3/45 and the fiends are extremely problematic. That 250% is no joke. Even at this level, her fiends did 240+ damage per turn, which is nuts considering that her stats can go WAY higher, which in turn, will create stronger fiends.

I imagine that at maxed attack and at level 90+20, each fiend will hit for about 400+ each turn. Maybe even 500. If you can manage to land 3 fiends on a hero, theyre dead after around a turn or so.

The bleed damage is something else too. 810 from 3 fiends over 3 turns is still death lol.

Cleanse at the end will be the only saving grace unless a defending hero has ailment block on


The only good one would be Jequn. Along with the other Holy Elemntal…the slow one. But only for rush wars

how much life does the fiend have?

She’s amazing. She does +/- 500 per fiend

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I knew it. I bet on 2LB the damage would be ridiculous

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Just letting you know there is a video out on her and if you take a cleansing healer it will get rid of the feind and you won’t get the bleed damage too. I pulled her and tried her out against different hero’s and I’m not impressed one bit. In my opinion with all the cleansing healers out there she is a pretty useless hero! I think she needs to have her fiends have a higher absorbing percentage and the bleed needs to be uncleansable otherwise she pretty much unusable.


please send her to me :sweat_smile:

shes great

She’s really good against teams that have no healers on it but other than that She’s really lacking

You mean healers with cleanse? Healing without the cleanse follow up will surely cause some damage

The getting the bleed damage is okay but it goes away but having the fiends is a lot better because they do more damage overtime

She’s so amazing with LB2.


how much damage do her minions cause with 250%?

Just limit broke mine. I am extremely curious to find out what the fiend damage is at level 90

The fiend damage is around +/- 550

And the bleed damage is 250 for 3 turns.

I hope in the future, that they will make her some stronger. Because she’s very strong in attacking teams. But in deff. You only hope that people come with yellow teams. It will be better if she does fiends to the enemies and nearby. And all the yellow’s…


I think they just need to look at her special skill again. Compared to the other hero’s SGG have recently released her stats are really good but her special doesn’t quite cut it

I got lucky and went C2P on this event, bought the 10 pulls with gems deal, and on the 10 pulls picked up Aconia and Charon! Didn’t even need to use the gems.

I am not quite to 4-80 with her but I already like her. Without any Holy enemies she is of limited use, naturally, but most defense setups have at least 1 holy enemy, so she will impact 2 heroes in one attack (unless you are a gonk and target the Holy enemy :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Sure, she is no Jove or Ogima attacking a minion producing team, but so what? The fiends are strong and unless the enemy uses a proper healer/cleanser (specific order of cleanse and heal), she can be a nuisance. Well balanced hero IMO.

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damn just found this - looks like some new expertise is in town :joy: :joy:

I don’t agree with this, you are a fool! Unlike you I have spent some real amount of time with her now, and I feel like she kind of underwhelms due to the delayed damage, both in raid/war and map stages.

Rayne is a good example to use here. Rayne hits one enemy with upfront direct damage of 400%, not amazing but also not anything to disregard. She then applies 260+ DoT per turn to the target, and it spreads to nearby targets if not cleansed, until the whole team is poisoned. This poison DoT lasts for 5 turns.
If no heal and cleanse takes place right away, the target will usually die and the nearby ones take a decent amount of DoT.

Aconia on the other hand has no immediate impact. She hits and then you have to wait for the fiends to start doing damage, if the fiends are cleared away via healing but without cleanse, then the bleed DoT kicks in, but again you have to wait.

This generally limits her impact, especially in map stages where I could simply bring AoE attackers and clear the board with them long before Aconia’s delayed damage does much of anything to the enemy monsters. Further, in Raids/War you are unlikely to impact more than 2 heroes in a shot, and while the damage the fiends do is beyond that of other fiend summoners, it isn’t that huge of a threat. Vanilla Rigard among others can completely nullify everything Aconia does if they cast in time.

Given this, I suggest an additional direct damage affect be added to help reduce the effectiveness of an enemy healer/cleanser. Specifically the card should read:

:dizzy: Special Skill: Bleed Inducing Daggers

  • Deals 250% damage to target and all Holy enemies. :point_left: :point_left:
  • Summons a Dagger Fiend for the target and Holy enemies. The Fiend damages its target with 250% attack every turn.
  • The Dagger Fiend absorbs healing. It disappears after absorbing healing amount equal to 20% of its target’s max health.
  • When the Dagger Fiend disappears after it has absorbed enough healing, the owner receives 810 Bleed damage over 3 turns.



Sounds much better for a super elemental hero!
The biggest frustration for me is… she’s not good in one defence team… what is really sad, and second one is, about what you explained, you have to wait when the special is placed on the enemy…

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