Ack puled 4 4* at once: 3(!) reds and a yellow. Which to level?

As a F2P player (aside from rolling the first level of VIP) I’ve just done my third 10-pull and got three new red 4* and a yellow 4*. Your guidance on who to focus on would be appreciated!

In addition to the standard map and quest progression my alliance does War and we’re now farming 7* Titans.

The first listed in each color is my default rainbow team member.

Colen 4* level 70.4.
Gormek 4-star new – guessing focus on this guy since he’s my first source of Ramming Pulverizer or equiv. Would be much better than Colen against Titans!
Wilbur 4-star new – seems amazing, shame to have to choose between these.
Sumitomo 4-star new - probably not since I have Colen as my Fighter.
Colen 4* level 23 (still one ascension to go) – for lack of anything better to level in red til now.
Nashgar 3* – maxed.
Nashgar 3* – maxed.
Hawkmoon 3* – maxed, my only non-green healer.
Azar 3* – maxed.
Namahage 3-star – new, not started.

Proteus 4* – level 70.0. No talents because Kashhrek is my Wizard.
Ameonna 4* – leveling.
Renfield 3* – maxed.
Tyrum 3* – maxed, dispeller.
Gill-Ra 3* – maxed, -def/-atk on the enemy / affliction removal on allies.

Wu Kong 4* – level 70.5. My MVP.
Li Xiu 4* – level 45 but 2 ascensions still to go.
Danzaburo 4-star – not sure if I should switch to him? Seems better than Li even when you average in the 1 in 3 self-freeze.
Wu Kong 4* – an extra.
Bane 3* – maxed.
Gan Ju 3* – maxed.
Kailani 3* – maxed.

Boril 4* – level 70.6. My current raid tank. (We are primarily purple tanks with blue as the alternate. He and Kashh do well together.)
Alaise 5* – starting soon. My only 5*.
Gato 3* – maxed.
Valen 3* – maxed.
Gunnar 3* – maxed.
Karil 3* – almost maxed.

Kashhrek 4* – level 70.4. I know he trails off in usefulness as the game goes on.
Skittleskull 4-star – level 60, AOE damage and atk down. I was hoping for a better 4-star to fully ascend next but it looks like he’s my best bet now.
Skittleskull 4* – a duplicate, not started.
Belith 3* – maxed. AOE healer/dispeller.
Mnessus 3* – Maxed. single-target damage / AOE dispeller.
Berden 3* – almost maxed.
Friar Tuck 3* – not started.
Muggy 3-star – new, not started.

Wilbur is one of the very best 4* of all, I would go with him as a focus for red. He works for all situations - titans, raids, events, etc…

For Yellow, I never regretted ascending my Danzaburo, but it’s important to recognize he WILL freeze up 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3’s he kicks butt. He has decent tile damage and excellent HP. However… an extra Wu Kong is nothing to sneeze at.


Wilbur is great against titans he gives your whole team +def which keeps them from getting killed and gives the titan -def which makes everyone hit harder. I also pair him with Proteus on all events and bosses. Proteus stops them from using their special and wilbur for the same reason as titan fights.

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Wilbur is basically a better version of Gormek for most situations. Max him for sure :slight_smile:

Danzaburo is high reward with risk involved. The effects of his skill are pretty good, the mana freeze thing is there to balance those effects out.

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