Achilles! - room for one new recruit in our friendly top 100 alliance (9/10 star Titans - can you handle it?)

Our Top 100 alliance recently lost an excellent player due to his leaving the game. This has (we hope temporarily) knocked us out of the top 100 where we normally enjoy a permanent spot. We need YOU to help put us back and help kick some serious Titan tail.

We are:

  • Mighty. We eat 9 star Titans for breakfast. We kill 10 star ones too. We have 14 wins and only 3 losses in War and those were early on before we honed our game. Our top players break the top 100. Enemies quake with fear at our might!

  • Smart. We like strategy. We keep spreadsheets. We crunch stats. We get better and better every round.

  • Friendly. We are brothers (and sisters) in arms. We’re chill. We get along. We help each other. We don’t broker drama, and we have a good laugh.

Are you a serious player looking for a solid crew to back you up? Are you up for a natter and a good laugh? Have you got 2000+ trophies and some serious game? Join Achilles! Glory in battle!

I have been in several Alliances, none of which are as awesome as this one. Good ACTIVE players, collaborative attacks, and helpful tips and tricks to improve your team. Let’s be honest, if you are reading this there is a good chance that your Alliance is not what you are looking for. Search Achilles in game and join!

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ps. Alaska is our “smart” general. He has spreadsheets of stats. He analyses the numbers. You will learn from him (and our other tough players) if you join us. Peace.

i like your ad …sounds nice …maybe one day we will face a battle against you :laughing:…wish a quick fill and good luck

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Thanks @onelife. Fair winds and good battles to you and your alliance, as well! Perhaps we’ll meet someday on the field… :crossed_swords:

We will be taking down this 9* Titan today with only 29 players. Join Achilles, grow in strength, and help us take down the new titans with ‘reflect powers’ that will be released soon!

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