Acension items

Understand that when summon or level up 4* or 5* heroes we can consume gems that we gain/purchase gems or keep all troops at TC.
The questions is why some players able to keep level up theirs heroes so fast specially on 5* heroes. Even the 4* acension items able to purchase and if lucky can get those items at element. But the chance of get 6 4* acension items for 1 5* heroes is already hard and why some.players able to level up 2 to 3 same color 5*heroes is same.time?

It’s called Speed Levelling and requires significant resources and preparation:


Understand that what u means …but to collect n keep those items is not easy as I know. Let’s say if able to level up yellow 5* heroes x2 in same time n next 2 same color of 5* will be difficult as even we buy or get from element chest box also need time and it might take more than a years but how can some.players do it so easy.

Buying every deal, defeating high level titans, accelerating chests.

It requires spending on gems, flasks and deals, perhaps exceeding thousands of dollars.


Here is the answer
Money talks my friend


Don’t underestimate the increased rare mat flow from high-level titans. 12* titans drop rare mats far more than 9*. My constraint leveling up heroes is getting all the feeders/recruits.


This is grand Jedon. 20C

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Put this amount in his hands in game and tell me how fast your heroes will level up lol.
I knew some one who was speeding up all the buildings with gems lol till lv20.
He jumped from lv 17 to lv 37 on 2 months … and in half my play time his TP is 4100 with pair of all the HIGH TOP SHOTS in the game all maxed.
This dude is epic spender lol.

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I think I have finally realized that CTP isn’t really that Cheap when i added it up. I am just going to work on fully leveling The team I have. Going to try and have successfully been FTP for about 10 days now. I’m actually having more fun and less stress. I definitely have a competitive nature but more importantly I need my competition to be fun and not stressful. So far so good my friend :grinning:


Great, welcome to the club.
I wish you a great year 2019 with many great pulls of Event/HOTM and good Atlantis heroes.
Also as you are now part of F2P brotherhood so from brother to another I wish you all the irish luck in chests full of AMs.
Have a great time.


Unfortunately once you have spent money on the game you will never be ftp again. :crying_cat_face:

But welcome to the club of less stressed players who like a challenge and are happy to make the best with what they got. :hugs:

Like finishing the x-mas event with only 4* classic heroes. :sweat_smile:


And winning events. Many of these players win on both Epic and Legendary and get many mats that way.

Which of course makes it easier to win the next set

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Nonsense. You can be “Functionally F2P”. Welcome to the club! :wink:

I haven’t spent any money on this game this year. HAH!


I agree with the functional F2P.

To me it is an attitude, but there is quite a far gap between a functional F2P and an F2P herowise, if the functional F2P started out P2P to start with.

Anyway most important is to have fun and enjoy the game. :smile:


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