Acending materials question

I need a couple acending items but after looking into sll the farming levels I can’t find what I need.

Is there somewhere we can go to see what levels we need to find the items we need?

You can press on any ascension mat in your inventory to see where they drop. The best mats don’t appear on the map though.

Also you can check this post for what and how many …

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Tells you where but not which levels. I’m after a few hodden swords (8 actually) so I can ascend a couple heros but can’t seem to find them anywhere to go for them.

Seen that and it’s great to have, took a screenshot of it.

I have since been on google to ask as well as I found typing the question there brings up other forums and sites with detsils as well and it seems it’s a very common issue to the point they can take months to get which I find totally rediculous as your forced to be stuck in one spot without options unless you spend heaps of money and even then there is no guarantees in getting them.

All items required to play should be made accessible at all times through the map weather it be through playing diffenert levels or sold for gems.

How can a game offer heros and no means of getting what you need to improve those heros except when SG feels like it.

As I’ve seen on other forums players are leaving the game because of the time it takes to get things, waiting months is honestly not a game attraction in any way at all.

Even I who has become somewhat addicted to this game through my son playing (who has actually already given up and moved on to another game because this one gets to a point where waiting times for anything just takes way to long ) and I can see and understand why now as I’m being forced to start looking at other games because this games waiting times are getting so rediculous it’s become more annoying than fun to play.

Games are suppose to be FUN no? Who wants to get annoyed playing a game, honestly.

Anyway if I end up leaving the SG group would only have themselves to blame as they are giving me no other options but to as there spending money at thier also rediculous prices just will not happen.



Quoting myself from another thread:


Hi thsnks but already doing those, haven’t reslly provided much in the way of ascending items at all for 4*.
I need 8 hidden swords and if I am going to get only one every few months then lets be honest here what is the point of going on.

I live in hope of winning lotto not in hope of waiting months for items in a game I only play for enjoyment.

I’ve been in the same boat for quite a while waiting and grinding hardcore for ascending materials and no luck spending money in hopes of getting what I need and no luck beating titans that your supposed to get rare items from and it doesn’t happen the game shouldn’t make you mad or not wanna play it should be enjoyable and it’s getting to the point where it’s not I’ve complained before and got fluffed off they should make it so we can trade materials in the alliance we are in but that would be helping us out the pefer to give you the opportunity to blow a ridiculous amount of gems for a new pic lol

I feel you.

This game is addictive and in every hero-collection game, it will usually involve heavy grinding. However, it is this constant slow progress what makes you feel it is actually addicting.

It is the game WHICH decides what hero you can get, which ascension items you can collect and in a single match, it is also the game’s AI which decides if you shall win are lose.

Love the game and it will love you back.

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A litlle bite more tactische books so I cane putt my hero’s to max it’s take to many time and White 4 hero’s waiting give them a litlle bit more

No it’s the slow progress that’s the game forces upon you that’s annoying.

Let me explain.

  1. your a new player and it all looks exciting and involved which entices you to play.
    A, you get buildings which need upgrading to progress higher and be better. GREAT
    B, you get 1 and star heros which need leveling and ascending FANTASTIC AND EXCITING TO ALL THE DIFFERENT HEROS I COULD GET

  2. During the firdt month your working on upgrading heros and buildings and doing the msp challenges for loot and materials as well as upgrading TC/food/iron etc. You know what I mean.

  3. second month into the game and you start to reach levels 15 plus and may even get lucky enough to reach level 18 whivh means by then you hsve upgraded your TC levels as well only to find that even though you have managed to get some 3 and 4 star heros, the best a TC can give you 95% to 98% of the time IS STILL THE SAME OLD JUNK IT GAVE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED having nothong to do with your newly aquired heros. WAIT A SEC st this point you regulars call it the luck of draw.

Then you find that the more you upgrade buildings, use higher TC levels the training times jump to 2 days or more per hero and need some 40 to 70 recruits per hero AND TO GET WHAT (so far) THE SAME OLD JUNK OF 1 AND 2 STAR HEROS with maybe a 2 to 5% chance of a 4* and a 0.01% chance of a 5* .
But hey lets just say your not over 50yrs old and can’t use basic lodgic and do spend money on getting 10,000 gems, features etc which I have read some have spent 300 plus starting out believing they would get better heros in the game if they spent money when in fact you wouldn’t unless you constantly have multiple goes at the same summon one turn after the other ( which they do eventually get something good only because we both know there omly so many duplicates a system can give you and if uour going for the 10x summon 3 or 4 times back yo back you are definitely bound to get/hit the higher star ones without fail.

  1. so as boring ad the game has become, going from a game that I wsd playing daily to now a game that I only need to come back to every 2 or 3 days only find out as I get more involved that ascending items can’t be got and could be months begofe they appear, TC’s still provide the same old crap only requiring more food and recruits to get them, upgrading times go to countless days to a week, map games never change and also only provide the same old junk you no longer need. YOU BET IT GET EXTREMELY REPETITIVELY BORING.

  2. Least we forget AW’s, titans and quests where we are led to believe in the great rewards which I have yet to see exept on a couple of occasions but as a whole nothing to speak off or brag about as it is the case everywhere the bragging comes only in the form of total despair, disappointment and frustration from the junk they recieved.

  3. End result after spending months dragging the game on to see what happens when you reach the end ONLY ONCE AGAIN TO DISAPPOINTED, as there are no rewards, no badges or anything to show others you have completed all levels, NO NOTHING.

Thus your left there doing nothing but what you have already done 10000 plus times before all for the same JUNK and all for nothing.

The least this game could do is make it so that every level brings new/different items/loot and have TC’s keep up with the heros we have/get from summons.

The more I play this the more it becomes annoyingly frustrating.



You still did not get, hidden blades are not available with farming. Wanted missions (chests), mystic vision, war, titans, event challenges, rare quests. These are places where you can get hidden blades.

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Off cause I got it, doesn’t make it right that farming does provide the materials you need based on levels and that it can months if your lucky to get certain items providing better chanses. Having heors stuck becuse you have no chance is pretty unsetting.

This how easy it is to get ascending items

Had to put it in a short clip because screenshot would work with the popup staying there.

This is what this game has come to, heros being stuck because items are unobtainable

Above is an example of quest items on offer which are a waste of energy flags as they work out cheaper to get using those energy flags elsewhere and forging them when we should be able to play for items we actually can’t forge or are harder to obtain.

At the presumed rate of one every few months this and a few other heros are going nowhere this year and this isn’t because I can’t achieve any goals but instead because the game forces these items to be unobtainable.

If you are doing all of the things I mentioned in my post with a good team of 3^60 heroes, you should be getting somewhere around these numbers:

  • 2 mats per month from monster chests
  • 2-3 mats per month from hero chests (assuming 1200+ cups to get gold level chests)
  • 1 mat per month from rare chests
  • 1-2 mats per month from titan chests
  • 2-3 mats per month from defeating titans
  • 3 mats per month from stage 4 of the rare quests (assuming a rate of one rare quest every 10 days)
  • 2 mats per month from completing epic tier of challenge events
  • 1-2 mats per month from war (may fluctuate depending on matchups)

Worst case, that’s about 15 ascension materials per month without paying any money. If you get an even spread of each type of 3* ascension mats (i.e. about 2 of each per month), that means you could potentially ascend a rainbow team of 4* heroes every 2-3 months. Once you start ascending heroes, you can start completing harder challenges to get even higher numbers of mats, which will further accelerate your growth.

If you’re only getting 1 ascension mat every few months as you claim, then you’re doing something wrong.


I am playing every game that is provided except for AW’s because I get slaughtered on there due to not having enough teams because there is no roo. To both create 6 teams and store recruited/trained heros to level off until you hit the 40/50 plus mark, then there is the rating which is so far fetched our opponents where so much stronger all only having 4 and 5 mostly fully ascended star teams compared to our 2,3 and 4 star teams still working our way up so I just gave up.

Was going to come in to here to discuss it but found it’s already been a discussion gor many months now without improvements so why waste the time trying to explain it.

Your mats out lay you think is happening is far from from what really happens as I haven’t seen any of this and just get tge same old junk with the odd ascension item which I haven’t seen in ages now anyway.

All I am saying there should be other means to aquire these items through game play according to levels fir free players and/or be able to purchase them in the shop with gems.
This waiting months is rediculous and in no way a game attraction.

Your obviously a paying customer.

Monster gold and heros mission, no, no,

You say we get ascending items from mystic missions and chests.

This is what i always get and it never changes, where are the ascending items.


Nope none here in this chest, lets check out the mystic missions , what your not seeing on the rihht is 3 gems and 1 silver troops token.



Oops nothing here either, this one never provides anything other than what you see here.

The proof is here in front of you and you guys wonder why people like use complain, it’s because we get told BS and be expected to believe it.

The very first mystic vision I did, I got an orb. It took me a long time to figure out what it was good for, or how lucky I was to get it. People tell you to try the mystic vision because once in a while it actually does pay off and provide something worthwhile. It’s just not a daily occurrence, more fortnightly in my own experience.

The last unfarmable I got by Mystic Vision was Gloves, on July 9. I’ve had a bad July for visions, but it’s not over yet. Before that I got a Troop token on June 23, and June 16 gave me both a sturdy shield and a troop token in the same Vision. June 12 I got 4* material, Darts. The odds are low, but the items can drop for those who keep on rolling them dice. It’s not like the visions cost anything but a minute or two of your time while they play.

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Which has been my point all along, this rediculous, annoying ant the main reason most players leave the game.

What part of IT’S NOT WORKING DON’T THEY GET, there should be more options/ways to get these items as well as without that option all thier doing is pussing players off thus resulting in not wanting to spend money or more money in the game.

HUMAN NATURE IS AS SUCH; We can accept losing in any game we play whislt in the process of progressing which is normal, acceptable and what makes it fun.

What isn’t acceptable in human nature is to be FORCED to be restricted at progressing and this game does nothing but force you (restrict you) from progressing thinking it’s going to encourage you to spend money when in fact it’s going to stop them from spending, show people they have fair options making it accessible in free play but easier if they spend money then by golly they will spend heaps, this once every few months business only shows how desperate you are at trying to get players to spend and it’s backfiring.

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