Acending materials question

Hmm. I read your post and my initial take away from your post is a repetitive request from an increase in opportunities to pay to win. (No disrespect meant; it’s what I read.) :slight_smile:

Now I have no issue with F2P, C2P or P2P. I think all varieties are necessary to the stability and variation of players in the game.

I heard you over and over asking for more opportunities for pay to play, but not the others…which throws the game out of balance, in my opinion.

I’m not sure how long you have been playing, but there are many more opportunities to buy ascension materials nowadays. They are relatively plentiful compared to when I started, so I’m confused how much more a P2P model you want to move to?

One of the things I have always loved about E&P is their attempt to be even-handed with all their players. I have rarely seen it kept like this, though admittedly lately the pendulum has swung more towards P2P.

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Appreciate the remark but wasn’t my intention and in fact you will find most my coments on matter play a large emphasis on ascension items taking months to appear which upsets both free and paying players alike, myself having 3 heros which need 3 to 4 items to be ascended and based on the games turnaround of these items which was stated it can take months for 1 then at that rate these heros are going nowhere this year.

My suggestions where to make them accessible either through the store ( which yes involves paying which paying players would do if they wanted them faster) and/or through different levels as rewards throughout the game.

Understanding the affected differences between pay and free play it’s only common sense that anything offered to paying members also be made available to free players as well just with longer path to achive.

My statements are mostly based on time players have to wait for items, buildings to be built and trainers as this leads to week at times and thus vastly slowing players down not only boring them but turning them away.

The bottom line as any game play anywhere and as you know free players will rarely be at the same high level game peak as paying players so trying to restrict both is not a good business model and what this forum has shown quite clearly paying customers are the most disappointed players on here not understanding why they spend money and are forced to be stuck and leave when in fact all they are really complaining about is why are we forced to stop playing.

Take me for example i downloaded this game at my sons request so we could play together and he plsys many many online games but when he plays a game with friends a game takes 3 to 4 hrs of play if not longer and there continuous goals to achive. Right firstly he has since gotten bored with the game and doesn’t play anymore but i have taken a liking to it so got more involved in it but having said that when i play i want to play till i have had enough not for 30min to hour and then find i have nothing left to do in the game, not find i can’t improve because the game had decided it’s going to restrict me from (if it’s what i wanted to do) upgrading my heros for months, stopping me from going higher.

I wonna keep playing till I’ve had enough but this game is (as exciting as it is ) can be very restrictive which is annoying players both free and paying.

The balance between the can be kept and needs to be but that doesn’t mean it has to be incredibly time consuming and boring.

Note; I have been playing for something like 100 or so days now and these issues where mentioned here long before I started playing and all I did/do is agree with them based on my own experience and even then that wasn’t till about the 2 month of playing which is when these issues started to come into play and be more noticeable and I’m no shy type of person at all and I will speak up not to downgrade or insult the company or any individual in any way what so ever, but to make aware this issue to the company owners in the hope they will see some sort if sense in this and work towards correcting it in the future which in the real world only means more money in the pockets and you can’t tell that this isn’t a goal.

Everyone has said here; we like/love the game but it gets to a boring, annoying and frustrating level way to fast which is forcing users to leave.

In big business we have a saying; listen to the people or you’ll have no one to listen too.

Edited spelling mistakes due to large fingers, lol, sorry

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I’ve been waiting about 3 weeks to finish ascending a 4*. I now have 4 4*'s that are waiting and I do everything they say to do… But they are each still waiting for at least 2 items…

… the oracle has finally spoken!

I don’t see anyone expecting anything in 5 minutes of playing BUT the game but the is about having fun but the basics of the game is about battles if your the type of player who is playing to achive top scores or win battles and you put everything you have including spending money on the game (not excluding f2p players) into creating what that player feels is a top team and then FORCED BY THE SYSTEM/GAME to stop upgrading that team to be able to advance further in the, it makes sense that players get upset and disappointed especially when they find it it could be months before getting what they need, I myself need 4x hidden blades and 3x shields and 3x Capes and it’s been over a month now and still not even 1 of these but I keep gett in all chests, titan and other etc a whole of stuff I not can get farming but have 100s of each already meaning at that rate it’ll be yrs I get to ascend every hero.

No one is saying make easy to get but what yhry adking for is making ascension items more accessible throughout the game than the current MAYBE 1 EVERY FEW MONTHS.

People spend money because they are enjoying themselves not because they are frustrated or forced to wait and get noting.

Listen to what the people are telling you or you will find yourself with no one to listen too except maybe your already top players who don’t need to spend money because they have already reached their max abilities.

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and without them you have no game

… I know, but I have read, learned and gained enough experience to know and handle … what I’m dealing with.

I feel sorry for you.

Then your also where the amount of players your losing because of it.

Don’t feel sorry for me m8, I just put fscts down in writing in a place which is designed specifically for that THE FORUM

Forums are designed to voice opinions, get help, advice, suggestions and most of all to let owners know what we think about about their product.

I also read a lot and not only o thus forum but on other forums as well and also reviews, stats, etc.

Your already a seasoned player or for all we know even one of the devs or owners, yes I been there done that too m8.

Anyway I’m very well aware no one on the other end is listening and that what is said is only seen by the same members day in day out with the same responses from the same seasoned players JUST BE PATIENT I WILL COME

Yet this games keeps FRUSTRATING players more than it is ENJOYABLE

No,… it’s because of you, unfortunately.

Good that you know this ,… and I’m voicing my opinions like everyone else.

Ok,… you seem very frustrated.
Here … watch this and chill out a bit.

Do you think Richard has played the game?

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Yes all the post I’ve read here on this forum dating back from last year of players complaining, leaving, disappointed, angry, feeling cheated, done wrong by, and the list just goes on and on and on and on and on ARE ALL MY FAULT even though I’ve only been here a couple of months.

I am so chilled out and rolling with laughter over your last responses I feel like you deserve this more than anyone

It will bring you back down to earth and prepare you so you can see and understand the reality of things.

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This is not your type of music, but thank you.
It’s my type and I like it.

Your welcome, I need it to carm yourself down.

Erm, I’m NOT an Oracle, I’m a fellow player.

“…5 minutes…” is hyperbole.

Are you trolling, @Tough_E_Nough ? :flushed:

I was re-reading this thread and I wanted to respond briefly to a comment that you made about paying for 5* players (within the context of P2P making money for SG):

I’m not sure if you meant 10-20 gems or 100-200 or 1000-2000. But 10 is…there is nothing, not the smallest thing available in the game for 10 gems, and a 5* is currently the highest item. (I personally reject putting a price tag on a 5*, but that’s just me.)


The outcry then would be that SG was favoring P2P players at the expense of F2P and C2P. (Never fear, I’m sure they are looking always for new ways to add content to the game, and it will always be easier to add P2P content.) The balancing act will continue and I look forward to seeing how they solve it. :slight_smile:

After so many complaints, 5 days ago, I decided to write down what falls. I break all the chests (slower heroes) and I have made a purchase today, but it has surprised me a little, although it coincides with the more than 25 of 3 * that I keep, even having already used 18.
31/7. Compass, titan
1/8 Tool and gloves. Ice
3/8. Orb. Coffer heroes. Compass and layer, offer gems.
4/8 gloves monster chest
Sincerely, I do not think it is small, although if it is unequal, nothing of 4 *. it will not be that most of the complaints are not from f2p, but from who buys millions and has 5 of 5 *, 2 hotm and 3 or 4 5 * of event? I only ask.

Should of had Thousand there.

Firstly don’t know what C2P means.
The whole point of this discussion was at making ascension items a bit more achievable throughout the game rather than only through chest rewards, titan prizes or AW (I may have forgotten one or two) .

The biggest complaint by everyone is the fact they have to wait for months on end to ascend heros meaning for most (Including myself which is why I joined in these conversations to start with) of us we can’t grow our teams power strengths because the system is forcing us to stay idle making us believe that if we spend money we will have a better chance when in fact that is also not true.

All I have suggested is was that may help with making these items available more often within the game levels weather it be as rewards from achieving levels ( covering f2p players) or offering them at cost for p2p players.

When I started in this forum most answers to my questions where in lines of!
If you want to get ahead faster be prepared to spend a lot of money.

What crap thst us because most complaints here about these issues are from p2p players

The bottom line here is, why shoukd we be expected to spend money in a game that forces you to STOP playing, expanding and takes all the fun of coming here to start with.

Here! I am going to give you an example based on my current position in the game, now this isn’t a complaint but a comment.

I come here to spend my free time playing a game that I have found enjoying that has levels, stages, can be played for free, have some level of skill to it, and lets be honest here achive a goal of accumulating x amount of cups as they are really the only real goal to this game.

It’s come to a point where in map challenges which I have almost completed, the higher you go the less rewarding the rewards are fir completing a level, now I not say furing that level but there could be some better rewards for completing it ( like ascension items for one) but instead you find yourself getting nothing more than the same crap you did and in many cases less than you did from the lower levels which turn does nothing to encourage going any higher buy instead annoys you.

The amount of time I can spend on here playing is literally cut in half if not less bue to the extremely high number of flags needed to keep on playing which means it’s gone from spending about an hour on here to around 20 to 30 minutes then you find you have to leave because you can’t do anything. So instead of being able to keep playing a game because you like playing it your FORCED to leave the game. OK here you can buy flasks to keep playing which is great BUT what is the interest in buying flasks when there are no rewards for finishing levels and the system still forces yiu to be stuck in one place.

Then as you do spend money you still find the game restricts you from climbing the ladder because you can’t ascend heros. The bottom line is, it does matter how what you do or how you do it tge game FORCES you to be stuck doesn’t provide any more than a few minutes of enjoyment at a time before your have nothing else you can do in the game.

Now I k ow what they including yourself keep repeating that that is the design of the game which is fine BUT don’t blame me on here for stating true facts based I my experience and what I have read online (not just this forum) about this game where 90% of it is nothing but frustration and disappointment due to fast rate the game uses up resources and the extremely very slow rate it provides a fun playing experience we want to enjoy.

All these issues where here long before I got here.

So I also find myself with hsving to leave the game after 20mins or so due to having nothing to do, where’s the fun in that, HONESTLY

LIKE IN THE GAME ITSELF this post has lost it’s true meaning and has become more about degrading me than it has trying to come up with ideas that could potentially find a way that may interest the SG devs to find a happy medium in user experiences which is what a forum is designed for but instead finding I am getting nothing more than personally degraged by the same few for suggestion options that maybe good/bad or right/wrong and not every idea works but can be worked upon so I said like in the game itself this post has lost it’s meaning and should just be left to widdle away like the hundreds of other posts here not replied or responded too because lets face it, it really gets boring to hear the same old responses from the same members over and over again no matter what the question is hey.


And once again I come to play and find myself with nothing to do after 15mins in the game, where is FUN TO PLAY element in this.

F2P = Free 2 Play
C2P = Cheap 2 Play
P2P = Pay to Play

While I read your entire post—please don’t take this comment as disrespect because it’s not intended that way at all—the whole thing ended up becoming a wall of text, and I think some of your meaning was lost.

I’ll reply to one item: You said that “accumulating x cups…[is the] only real goal in the game.” Here I disagree.

As I have posted elsewhere, I once avoided raid for 2 straight months. Cups don’t interest me. I kill high-level titans for sporadic ascension items. That’s my bread and butter.

My “rounds” (in no particular order):

  • use all three flags on Titan
  • collect iron/food
  • check Mystic Vision
  • check Quests for Rare Quests and do
  • Use tickets on 23-11
  • use up remaining World Energy on 6-8
  • use recruits to make heroes (TC19, TC11, TC2)
  • use ingredients to Forge battle items
  • build something
  • CHECK IN WITH ALLIANCE (this alone can take more than 15 minutes, especially during war time)*
  • Use war flags on Wed/Sat
  • check Wanted chests
  • check missions
  • check avatar backgrounds and pins (yes, I really do this, I’m collecting) :grin:
  • collect iron/food again

  • come to the Forum or check in Line

Is there something I’m missing? :thinking:

*Edited to add info.


Yes and agreed on both counts, I myself have found that I am left with mostly waiting for titan flags to appear which is only once every 4 hrs and the raids for cups to achieve higher levels such as gold etc in the hope for better ascension items which never seem to appear away.

The point is it’s all over in a matter of few minutes.


I’m a free player, and personally what you wrote here seems to just justify you can’t have delayed gratification; nor really listening to other and instead wrote a wall of text just to justify/convince others on your thoughts.

SG has done quite a great job in balancing between P2P and F2P; provided you have some patience to it. I’ve been playing 3 months and I’ve got decent ascension item for me to fully max three 4* heroes. And due to the nature of ou can’t buy ascension item, it shows money can’t buy you everything; hence in someway everybody is equal. What’s wrong with that? I think it’s a great idea, although farming those can make you wanna shoot yourself in the head at times.

If you’re not happy, there’s always other game. Keep putting cheers at the end of comment doesn’t really mask your bitterness nor open to comments