ACE2 Hero Review: Field Tested Early Assessments by Respected Players, Game Mechanics and Strategists of E&P

ACE2 Hero Review

Field Tested Early Assessments by Respected Players, Game Mechanics and Strategists of E&P

That is Correct #2! A previous End of Life publication that was ramping up DIED Young and its back in a Data Driven Reboot!

Available through the Hero Utility as a visual link (upper left hand) of the Hero Utility Card. This is the data Driven Version (no more image passing). However for purpose of initial contact including current screenshot below.

More Guest Reviewers this go round. Many will hail from the TMPG Group. Anetho is on board for a regular appearance. Ender has given me a go to return semi-regular. Cherry wasn’t totally thrilled (LOL) - however will bend her stem now and again for appearances/reviews when fitting.

KICKING us off this Month: LADY LOKI

Strategist Callistopheles of Ritual - long standing member/key player on one of the games most Elite teams. He has been a solid supporter with GuiLDWare & very dependable in providing end-user insights and feedback. He contributes often in the TMPG to assist other players.

The Queen of MINION MADNESS Fancy no Pants Kenobi of Return of the Jedi. One of the most active testers/informant regarding new hero releases pairing that I know. My favorite team-up she has recorded: Valhallas Heimdall & Baldur - sick damage.

THE “A” OF ACE: Anetho of Batman Phoenix Warriors (aka Ant-Man) is my trusted Engineer who has assisted on several projects when I have found myself in a mathematical bind. Extremely Active in TMPG and believe he has EVERY LEGENDARY HERO except 2. Great Early On Testing new Heroes and giving Detailed assessments regarding (as well consider a personal friend) & brother BAT.

Fancy and Callistopheles were my first GUEST REVIEWERS. @callistopheles and @Fancy… (not sure what your handle is in the forum) - your favor for the kick start is much appreciated! You are free again! Ha ha ha.

@Anetho - Will talk soon thanks buddy. @Rigs, @Uclapack, @Wormwood, @PeachyKeen, @Olmor, @Pompitous, @DracoLovesRi - are just names on my short list to guest.

REVIEWS WILL NOT BE LIMITED ONLY TO HOTM THIS ROUND… New Release However Is the Basis of Selection.

Hero Utility v3c (Public Version) and the DaRkVeRsIoN both are Live as of this moment.

The Members Version of v3c - working on - will get done today.

Catch you on the Battlefield - RaZoR


ACE (Version 1: Ender, Anetho and Cherry)

ACE EOL (End of Lifed)


@Ms_Fancy_Pants - GOT IT FANCY!. Yeah yep yep yep yep yep yep…yyyyyyyep yyep yep eype…


To Wrap up the OPEN ENDED TO DO, the v3cm (Members Version of the Hero Utility) has been brought up to speed to also provide the Review data. The specific variances with the members version is that it can load up ANY team you have created at will, access system Lists (Families etc), show you all heroes your missing in a Class as well all that you have in a class in one fell swoop. ALSO if you use the CLASS NODE BOM(B) with your Hero Inventory in GuiLDWare it stores and adjusts your heroes card stats (which I find Helpful)… For example:

MEMBERS VERSION HU v3cm - Adjusting my Classing Selections on my Cards.. Joy


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ACE2 LIVES! Thanks Peter and RayZeus @RayZeus for taking the time to share you dilligent use of Zocc with the Community!

@Ms_Fancy_Pants @PapaHeavy @nevarmaor @DoctorStrange @jinbatsu @RudoDewbie @NPNKY @Ranvir @Leonidas1

Data is available directly through the Hero Utility v3c or Dark Version.


E&Peeps… I think ACE2 is going to crash again. I’m just not available enough to recruit new reviewers who have well tested the new release heroes. Now if you want to keep this going (I’d like to)… Some of you players in the Forum that are sharp and fortunate with some of the new release heroes - PLEASE contact me its as easy as O/D/T/Final Thoughts I spell check & Drop into the central repository for all those players out there that use that source. Just tag me here with the hero you have vested in and lets rock!