ACE : First Look should get a 2nd

'First Look'

There's a NEW ACE in this deck. Honestly who wants to play "21" without them? Some will be familiar with 'First Look' others may not. Some will know what the Hero Utility is and how to use it.

New Addition

This summary strip format covers "some" of my discussions with great players and minds. I'm not 100% sure I will ever do it again (it's not that it would be hard for me to do so, it just adds more to what I already do). In my gut it's a great addition to the standard format. If many agree I will attempt to continue! Nothing in or about the card was pre-planned.


Here is the Hero Utility ‘First Look’ Card presentation with the MORE COMMON Q&A topics being answered.

Here is the final product. The point is to inform AND entertain.


So what’s the answer to Kage vs. Seshat vs. Sartana for defense?!


The suggestion is Seshat is not a great “DEFENSE” player.
Kage has clearly take the role replaced Sartana as “DEFENSE” preference.
Sartana is still great in D! I love her, Kage is Better.

I have all 3 not enough experience with Seshat (she not even 3/70 yet) but took her out an was happy with her. About 1.5months tends to tell the final tale especially if the hero or HOTM is initially accepted positively by the players… gives time for those waiting for her to fully level in a day or two tan test her (hoping the called it right and she is the new star on their team)…

I think Seshat could turn out to be highly desired after her period of availability leaves us.


I really like this @Razor!! Not to drop more hard work on your lap but wouldn’t mind seeing these at all!

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Thanks PapaHeavy - that sounds like a familiar name… we war together?

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I don’t think so @Razor. Been around for a bit however. Ever play any Destiny or BL2?

I have not . I suspect both alliances you were with prior to your current. When you have been around for a bit its a good feeling when you know who started with is still here. The leader as well the co-leader of my very first Alliance that I met RoXyTM, well they left so no one can take leadership but they are 30 strong with more that 50% dead LOL! They really should write their code that if the Leader is MIA for 30 days its automatically passes down to the next in line if not that any order! I gotta be careful on here PapaHeavy I like to write LOL. Take care but - feel free to hit me up the LINE app: RazorENP Discord may be next were looking into very heavy now.

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Appreciate it @Razor, you’ve been a huge help to me already. I think I can speak for the majority of forum members when I say thank you for everything.

My forum has just gotten significantly smaller. I was suddenly promoted to leader, the co-leader and 2 elders said they were too busy to play (started another alliance) and only the original leader( now co-leader) plus 2 of the better players remain. I had planned on moving on but there are so many newer players that are starting to make great strides in figuring out how to play, I would feel like a D if I just dumped them. So I am stuck for the time being. But I accept the challenge and will rebuild, after rebuilding, again :joy::joy:. Really a great bunch of players. They all do their best but when those rare titans get away…grrrrrrrrr…but it’s just a lack of high alliance damage, they really try their best and I’m proud of them.

P.S What was that about liking to write? I tend to ramble but whatever, at least I’m not that one alliance member that NEVER responds :joy:

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This is great man - it clearly shows the traits of a true leader and one that acts for the betterment of those behind them… and working to bring them forward as an inspiration (which is you). INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP is the MOST POWERFUL of all in terms of growth/evolution (isn’t this the point to our existence lol). I can tell you would be someone I would follow.

Thanks for the Kind words @PapaHeavy it’s people like you that keep me coming back to give my time - as you are the ones that appreciate and deserve to have it.

Ohhh with the writing, I can type and type man and I usually go way off topic and next thing you know I’m hours behind what I set out to accomplish prior to the dig into the writing LOL.

You might enjoy the video I just posted under the AGE OF CLASSED epics using Valeria to to take on a Fireblade Giant with support of course! As well bringing MORE happiness in to the lives of my fellow players - one of my roles and main goals in my actions - so you will want to check out Season #2 of the E&P Royalty Ball here in the forum its kicking off on the 24th as I recall. LOL ok buddy lead on and stay strong!


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I think we would potentially have some very good, long winded, conversations my friend!! Keep up the excellent work and I’ll keep looking at it :joy:

Have a great weekend, catch up with you soon

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And this round you get a mini-book with the BIG MAN on Campus. Enjoy Peeps!

@Leonidas1 @PapaHeavy @DoctorStrange @General_Confusion @jinbatsu @Kikyo @l2ider @NPNKY @Uclapack @Roxy_TM

  • just a random add for some of you guys (we have chatted here or there) RaZ

Thanks. Just ahead of my decision to max him or not too!

Thanks @Razor, have 2 was just wondering if it was worth the time. Turns out that for titans…YUP. Appreciate the write up!

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Tanks @Razor, very solid review :+1: I will bring him to 3.70 after my other blue finished.


good read. I unfortunately didnt get miki and I dont have tarlak either…someday :slight_smile:

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@PapaHeavy @jinbatsu @DoctorStrange @Leonidas

Hi guys - if you saw my footnote - I set my highest Titan Score to date 130K my 2nd use of Miki (my first he was at 1/30 and I did mana him up and clearly just with that I knew he had something I have never had). My 3rd use with Miki was against a Fire Titan and I set a new personal best just shy of 160K. The only 2 players I know that have a higher score currently (that have make it public) is Ender of Battle School (170K) and Sarmale of Aggressive (200K). I personally will not be taking Miki past 3/70 in the near future; with mana pots if you don’t mind the spend on that - has my happier than a fly on …

Yeah guys you are welcome - I will pass that on to @Ender (can’t make out the face on this big “E”- hope its the right Ender!), @Anetho (Ant-Man) and @cherrychickadee - I just brought this TEAM OF ACE’s together to channel solid information to you guys.

I also hit for a solid 110K this morning.

Maybe see you guys for the E&P Royal Ball Poll - If you are in it I’ll be sure to Time Bomb you if I get one! Lol.



Not the Ender you’re looking for. Lol. A measly 117k for my top titan damage.

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There’s more than one Ender? Oh those poor buggers!


@Ender - bro that’s a dang good score really! Not sure if you have Tarlak, Ranvir or Miki - but all 3 make a hug difference o that cap. I’m a Wu-Kong guy until just recently and have been pleased with him as a Epic. Ok man take care… I’ll try another Ender lol. . actually crashing at his place for upcoming war this weekend so might just go ask him if he is still on the forum. RaZ

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@Ender_BattleSchool - now how I didn’t realize this was you!??? It’s my recent gotta wear glasses issue. Just passing along a ‘thanks’ from some of the guys on the forum for your review in ACE !


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