Accuracy problem

after one of the latest updates it often happens that when I suffer attacks and I lose accuracy or active wukong I often start to miss all the hits for some seconds. All this did not happen before.

His accuracy or chance to miss has been worse since the 1.11 update for me as well. Had 6 out of 7 purple tiles on an Emperor Titan yesterday, but then the board combo’d from me doing the purple gem and all 6 of the green tiles hit. I didn’t take a green hero, so of course, all of them hit but my purples missed. It has a way of making the tiles you need miss and he ones you don’t need hit. It’s always been this way for me, but it’s worse since the update…

If you have a missing hero, those colored tiles cannot miss.

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Really? :thinking: I did not know that, so thanks for the info! :grin:

Yup, you do not have a hero for that color that would gain the accuracy debuff. So naturally the tiles won’t miss, as they do not have the debuff.

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It has its benefits on Titans too. When Wu is poppin off and you stacked 3 blue & 2 yellow, those green tiles you put into the Titan’s weak spot can’t miss!

Sorry, I’m playing by April 2017, i know that… ^^’’’
I’m talking about the colours that I’ve on the team (:

I’m talking about colours that I’ve on the team ^^


On the other hand - Wu playing by AI is a real KILLER. I have always Melandor and Sabina ready for WU. I was able to win like 60% of my raids. Now I’am avoiding teams with WU in raids. After WU is charged, the other team can wipe out my team instatnly. I think its not well balanced.

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