Accuracy lowered

I am talking about tile damage. For example, I had 3 holy heroes in my team. Vivica, Malosi and Joon. Opponents lowered accuracy for Vivica and Malosi. After this some of my tile hits were complete miss even though Joon had full accuracy? I dont think that should be possible.

Which is exactly how it’s supposed to work.

See Blind / miss calculation after summation for multiple heroes – Accuracy Debuff Affects All Heroes of Same Color

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I don’t even know how to start a topic. All I can do is reply. I want to know why I can type in chat ambit nobody else can see it.

Hy, welcome to the forum. You need to get to a certail level of trust before you can start your own topic. Don’t worry about it, keep coming here, read, comment on existing topics and you’ll be able to start your own in a few days. As for your question, a few more specific details would help providing an answer. Still, I’m sure there are several topics on the forum regarding chats, may they be alliance or global, you should use the search function to find one and ask your chat related question there, adding some details.

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As long as one of your heroes is blinded, all tiles of that color are affected by the chance to miss factor, no matter how many heroes of that color you have on the field. However, that’s not the same when it comes to special skills. Only skills used by the blinded heroes will be affected, skills used by not blinded heroes will work 100% blind free.

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