Accuracy For Minions

In a world where minions have become a dominant feature and a scramble to find value in old heroes due to power creep, why do minions have a guaranteed 100% accuracy? Heroes specials can have their accuracy altered and troops can also be altered as they are the tile damage. So minions are the only ones that are guaranteed to hit. If minions had accuracy that could be altered it would provide a significant value to older heroes (mostly holy) that affect accuracy. Conveniently most of the top minion heroes are dark. This would allow for hero repurpose and quickly provide a solution to minion teams that are becoming overpowered.

I could be wrong but I feel that minions inherit the accuracy ailment from their owner also?

Not the gambler stance (from Wu Kong or Ranvir) but normal blind ailments? (e.g. Joon, Drake etc…)

Drake had three blind and not one miss, if they don’t miss on offense I will assume they don’t on defense either as the game is set up to favor the defense.

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I’ve also never seen a minion miss. If they took a blind ailment like a hero, I wouldn’t mind. I’d consider it a nice little detail. I wouldn’t think it a game changer in most cases, though, because I think minion damage is typically too small to even include in battlefield calculations. I mostly just read them as bonus HP

You obviously haven’t been hit with the Freya, Bera minion combo. Beras’s minions hit at about 100 damage a turn with the Freya minion buff, and they hit at around 100 DoT damage a turn. 200 damage a turn is no joke!

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Try having 15 minions taking a bite out of you every turn. :rofl: