Accuracy Debuff Affects All Heroes of Same Color

I was in a Raid using (left to right) Belith, Valen, Li Xiu, Triton and Hawkmoon. My opponent had (L-R) Caedmon, Graymane, Gormek, Balthazar, and Bane. Towards the end of the fight, I had Valen and Triton remaining, and my opponent had Bane remaining. Bane used Harmonic Slam on Triton, hit successfully, and applied the accuracy debuff, but Triton still had health remaining.

I attacked Bane with three blue tiles horizontally such that two tiles hit him. One tile hit for damage, and the other tile displayed as a MISS. Since Valen did not have an accuracy debuff on him, both blue tiles should have hit for some damage. Why would an accuracy debuff on one hero affect the accuracy of another same-colored hero?

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