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We have a problem with two accounts? Please if anyone can help. For some reason, transfer the account from one phone to another and back. I’m talking about friends. How to restore the accounts so that they come to the places of the respective phone. Thanks and have a nice day!

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Can’t speak for Apple / IOS, but to transfer an account between Android phones, you should only have to log in to your Google / Gmail account through Google Play on the new phone.

Yeah, I’m oversimplifying it, it took a few steps… most important thing is to make sure you have your original login credentials recorded before fully switching phones.

Might be different for Apple though, like I said. Their protocols are usually different.

EDIT: if it’s Android / Google? I can try it again on my own phone to remember all the required steps necessary.

If Apple… you’ll have to wait for a reply from one of them iGeniuses. :slightly_smiling_face:

The woman made an account from her child’s account some time ago. There was no problem. The child broke the phone and bought him a new one with both. After downloading the itra of the new phone, somehow when entering the data, the woman’s profile disappeared and only the child’s profile came out. From there I generated a code from the game in the settings and we threw it in the woman’s phone and there the child’s profile appeared and hers went to the new phone. We deleted the game and started again. And it still doesn’t work. The connection with the woman’s Facebook is in the child’s phone, and that of the child in the woman’s game. There is something that connects them in different ways. Whether it is in the phone settings, I have no explanation🙂

So connecting through Facebook? I’m not sure how that all works, I don’t use Facebook. :confused:

Only way I know how to add new accounts in the game is through Google Play with a Google account (generally with a Gmail address and password). Unfortunately if that information is lost, it will be very difficult to log in… :frowning_face:

Ok, Thanks friend and have nice day​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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The other option I know of is to submit a support ticket in game, though they will probably also want to know your account information. Happened to one of our members who lost an account, unfortunately in his case they weren’t able to retrieve it. Hopefully you will have better luck. :+1:

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