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Sadly this afternoon my main playing account has gone… as I play this game on my phone, this is where my account was. In the past I down loaded it into my iPad, this account I never used . When I opened the game on my phone often but not always a post would come up about witch account I wanted… ‘benny or peter’ I would press the one I normally play. As this post was slow infrequent or not at all I could never be sure when or if it would arise. Today it came slow and I bumped the wrong one T-T now my main account is??? I’ve reloaded etc

My question is
Why is it so easy to lose ur main account and so hard to get rid of one u never use???

I suggest you go through the following page and contact customer support from it to see if they can help.

So far I have reloaded my game twice and tried playing surplus account still to nothing. Not sure if there’s anything more I can do?? Yes I’m on iOS

There are links on the page I posted that allow you to contact customer support directly with the details you have about your lost account, like user name. They need those details to have a chance of helping, and they’re not all stuff that should be posted on a public forum. Username and account identifier in particular.
At this point it’s a tech support issue, but you need to actually open a support request to get help. That page tells you how to do that, and what you ideally should give them.

Thank u :)) I have done this and I’m trying to wait patiently:)

My disappointment I really guess Lies with , how come it’s SO EASY to lose ur main account yet so hard to dump a surplus account?? Now I’m stuck with an account on lvl 1…

Please bear in mind with this issue that you may not get a reply until Monday as there may be no one in the office until then.

That is disappointing, but there is no more I can do.
This would seem to be a VERY bad glitch with the game. I am very curious as to wether I’ll see my game again :cry:

I thank u for ur help, would u know when the office is open???
As I’m in the Southern Hemisphere often the times are very different. Thanks

Hi they are on GMT + 1
So someone should be I. The office shortly

Thank u :)) I miss my game T-T … and have way to much time on my hands hahaha

Here’s hoping for a quick result

I hope it’s REAL quick I just saw the Halloween offers

Hi again
Has anyone else had this trouble?? I’m three days and still I haven’t heard from a person.( funny as I’ve been verified twice that I’m not a robot lol). I’ve submitted my loss again and I’m hoping.
Can they get me my account back???
Will they get it back to me???
How long should I allow???
What happens to all the stuff I’ve missed while waiting???
Any hope at this point would be appreciated, thanks

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