Accounts Fusion

Hellow Lords of Empires and Puzzles:

I write you about a request, I have two accounts in your game, my main account is “DJ Sound 2018”, and my secondary account is “amilcarfsp2019”.

I would like to link my secondary account with my main account, obtaining all the heroes, experience, iron, food and the entire inventory of: Troops, ascension materials, crafting materials, emblems, among others of my secondary account to my main account; to later delete my secondary account.

Could you help me with this request? What is the price of this special procedure? In advance thank you very much for your attention.


Amilcar Francisco SP
Game user from Guatemala

He @DJSound2018. I don’t believe you can do this - others would have already. I’d note that this is a players forum so I doubt anyone here can help you. You can trying reaching out directly to SGG, it again, this has the potential for abuse and I don’t see it happening.


Never understood how people can have multiple accounts. 1 account takes up a lot of time. Couldn’t imagine playing 2 or 3. It would be like playing in multiple fantasy football leagues. Each roster is different and I would get pissed if one account got something my other account really needed.

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