Account transfer?

is it possible to give your account away? is it against ToS?
i’ve put a lot into this game, but am no longer going to play so i’d hate to see it all go to waste.

That’s not allowed …

too bad. i figured as much, but thought i should ask.
thanks for the quick reply. guess i’ll just delete the game and let it go.
no hard feelings SG. i hope the rest of you continue to enjoy the game!

They say that is cheating to give away accounts

Yes, it’s against TOS.

Alternatively, you can wait and see if you might return. If you change your mind, you won’t have to start over at the beginning.

(I believe accounts are purged around the six month mark.)

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Hey, I didn’t know where to ask this, hope I’m in the right place. So I have a situation: I play E&P for year and a half now and have decent progress that I don’t want to loose. But at first I started playing with my boyfriend and soon he lost interest but I continued to play on his account. But recently we broke off and soon I’m moving out and he will most deffinitely change password for this account. But I’m also signed in with my own facebook account so should I be able to transfer progress on my account when he changes password for his? Please help, I really don’t want to lose that much of a progress because breaking with a boyfriend. As I said, he’s not interested in the game any more and it would be a waste that no one plays it, I play every day for several hours and I’m level 40 and recently started making 5* team and I waited really long to start training on TC20 and receiving 5* heroes. Each hero is very valuable for me and I will be devastated if I lose them.

This sounds like something you would want to take up with SG’s ticket department. Carefully explain the situation (include relevant screenshots if you have any), here:

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Thank you for such a quick answer. Do you think I have a chance? Cause I read Tos and it says it isn’t possible to give someone your account…but it woudn’t be the whole account, just this progress of game…

progress in the game IS the whole account, just so that you have the right expectation.

If this is under his Apple ID, you may be out of luck.

You may have to consider discussing this with your Ex to see if you can come to an agreement.

Ah, I misunderstood.

There technically is no account sharing (see the last paragraph on the FAQ):

They go into more detail in the Terms of Service. Each account is to be played by one person.

Thank you all for help, I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I had a lot on my plate these days. I send them request, got no answer yet but from your answers I see I will lose all game progress. I’m devastated, I really love this game and playing a long time now and can’t believe that in adition to everything I will lose, boyfriend, apartment, my self esteem and now the game also. I realize it’s my fault that I didn’t read TOS before playing but In the begining I coudn’t know how much will the E&P become important to me. And I was new to mobile games, E&P was second game I started to play on mobile phone so I really didn’t know much about importance of reading TOS first. Again, thank you all for your help.

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That’s such bad luck and I really feel for you.

Good luck in the future

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My husband and I each have an account. He plays on a cell I-phone. I play on my I-pad.
I am getting a new tablet next week. We want to move my game to the New iPad. Then he wants to play on my OLD iPad. We have WiFi in our home. Everything will be Apple.
What is the best way to do all this moving. ???
Plus. Can he play his game on both his phone and on the IPad. ???
We do not have active Facebook accounts set up. But we could if we Must do this.

You should be Albe to use old Ipad to your new due with account number. Then use your husbands account number from his phone other to your old Ipad.

I don’t have android devices. Will this work with Apple.?

It shouldn’t matter I’m using a andriod device thats why it says that.
Yours will say ios put your account number into it and should be a straight switch from what I understand.

Interesting. I’ve heard of people playing two accounts on one Apple product and switching between the two simply by logging in to a different gamer ID.

Thats what i do, log out and log in a different game center

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