Account save

Hello all. I think if there was a logging area on Empires and puzzles most of account would be saved and not lost mostly.
I suggest to have an Id and password to log in and find our progress anytime and anywhere.
For example, Id (our mail or account Id)
and like password, we create our own pass.
What do you think about that folks ?

In which way it differs from Google Play account?

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I lost my mobile phone and I now play on Bluestack. when I logged on with my Google play account and Game center too, I saw my E&P account changed. I started playing on beginning I thought I’d lost my progress and finally it loaded my progress with a new account ID. also, When I read some comments, most of people said they’ve lost their account and couldn’t find it back. I think that’ll be useful with a logging.
What do you think about that @SuuriKoira ?

So far I don’t see the difference between loosing Google account and dedicated E&P credentials. In either case someone who found your device could use your credentials, if you didn’t configured it to ask your password every time you enter the game.
On the other hand, implementation of account management will take considerable time and effort and will be a re-invention of a wheel.

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My phone is set of a pattern to enter it. I don’t think the one who stolen it could use it. unless he formatted it or flashed it. who told you it would be like that hard work ?

Nobody told me about a required effort. It’s out of my experience. :slight_smile:
Pattern is considered as a medium security, so theoretically it could be brute forced. Otherwise it is not clear how your game account could’ve changed wihhout you.
Anyway, as I said you just move responsibility from Google General purpose account to a dedicated E&P account, which doesn’t look different to me. Why do you believe E&P account would be any better?

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Sorry for the delay. Have you worked on such game development ? tell me more if possible. Thanks for telling me pattern is bad security. And I don’t understand till now why my game account changed and could load all my progress completely ? this was a huge luck !!
If we could have E&P account, it would be like an account for websites and other log on features. while logged in, you save your progress and that’ll be fine I think ! What bout you ?

If players lose their account they can go here to start the process to get it back:

(I don’t have a dog in the fight regarding whether or not a different system would be an improvement; the current system works for me.)