Account restoring

I have 3 accounts. One is at 23, the others are at 65 and 92 levels. Yesterday somehow I had to reinstall the game. After that those at 65 and 92 levels were unreachable while that at 23 level was okay.

Naturally I consulted the support of this issue. I sent some bills, explaining the case so on.

I have been waiting for over 15 hours for a reply while most likely I am missing the recent emblem offers, emblem event and alliance war.

Which one should I complain about? Late reply or unnecessary blocking or exceptional precaution regarding the level?

I’d recommend complaining about not remembering your login for the account you wanted to play.

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Don’t you remember your login information?
Usually went you re-installed the game, you must to play as a new player until you pass the tutorial. Then you can log in to your accounts in the options, click on the Google Play link.
Good luck !!

It didn’t happen like that. After the reinstallation I managed to log in that at 23 level. However, the game did not let me switch over the accounts. I literally went crazy. Can you imagine? It was like 10 hours after the event as I went to bed. I had last tried at that time with this incoincidence. Now it is 15 hours since the case and I can log in. Still not reply from the support. I am 5 years older now. I really do not know what happened.

Try to add the other accounts by the pathway of the phone setup. Go there and look an option called accounts… and add new ones. Then go to the game and try to switch among the accounts, you must to see the added accounts. Perhaps it can work.
I perfectly understand you and your frustration. But don’t despair, it will be a way to solve it…

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