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I need help getting my account back online. I had to switch phones and when logging in on the new device i had lost all the content which i have paid for and experiece levels, basically everything except my username. Please help recovet. Thx

Contact support directly, they can assist with the migration if game center / android equivalent didn’t capture it.

I’m having difficulty finding the address to contact them what is the support email or address or phone number anybody?

In the app goto Options -> Support

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Menolaus is also correct.


I send all ready 3 messages and no o e replay to me. I was 21lvl and im so sad. I dont know what to do. I like play EP but not o
Start from 1lvl, aslo when you spend about 20 euro on gems :worried::pensive:

Small Giant has a relatively small staff. Give it a little time. I’m sure one message is fine; further messages just add to their workpile.

Good luck!

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Try logging out of the service Google play or the iTunes and logging back in. It happened to someone else and that’s what they did and it worked.

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I try all combination and nothing

Ok did you do the tutorial on how to play the game?

Do i have to finish that? I think a didint do on one of my accounts

If you somehow lost your previous game and wound up starting a new game, you will need SG’s help to untangle it.

IF you have already sent an email to SG, I suggest you be patient to connect with them.

I’m sorry I don’t have a speedier solution for you.

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It happened to someone else in this thread. Scroll down the forum to 1.7 update reset account. She explains what she did and it worked

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Thanks, Timmy! Hope it works!!

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@Rook @Timmy8 thx for advices i will try if not works i have to wait for support crew to text me back. All the best guys. Peace :+1:

Please do let us know how it goes with playing the tutorial. I played on my ipad, and wanted to load it onto my phone as well. Game Center didn’t ‘see’ my account until after I completed the tutorial. It may have just been that my phone is incredibly old and slow, but it’s something to try while you’re waiting!

Oyun açılmıyo hiç askıya alınmış ne yapmalıyım

Oyuna giremiyorum nasıl askıdan kaldırırım hesabımı lütfen yardım edin

Has the corona plague shut down small giant support? I have an account I need help recovery and have sent in two support ticket request forms in the last couple weeks. Still have not received an email back… any advice please @zephyr1

No, though Easter did, and I imagine they’re still catching up from the multi-day closure for it, but it’s odd you wouldn’t have heard back in weeks.

Did you include absolutely everything listed here?

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