Account recovery please

Help to restore the account in the game. As from the version there was an error, I had to delete the game and reinstall it. The asset was dropped. Account was not linked.
Help please…

A mi me ha pasado lo mismo, al actualizar la app se me perdio mi usuario, era jose Granada y estaba al nivel 26, puedo recuperarlo?

Please read this post by Petri; I believe you will need to contact game support regarding this (see the link he provides):

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A lot of us that spend lot of money in micro transactions do not like Game Center on … and sometimes forget To Turn it on … would it be possible for our accounts to be log into with a simple user name and pw linked to an email ? … this just linked to Game Center does not seem a substantial enough reassurance that I will recover my account if something happens to my device and I would hate to invest a substantial amount of money in a game where all progress could be lost simply because I forgot to turn on Game Center that keeps continually spamming notifications at me even though they are turned off … please consider changing the method by which accounts are saved …

Please help me recover my account and my achievements. Account Dodzia lvl 27 BUBUŚ81
Please please please :sob::sob::sob::sob::nose::nose::nose::pray::pray:

You’re going to need to submit a support ticket, and they should be able to help you. Here’s the link for the support ticket system:

And here’s how to proceed with getting help for your lost account:

I write to them from Sunday. They send me to google. They make me recover my account - I have only one and I have access to it. I did the whole procedure. I’ve cleared my cache. I uninstalled and installed. It gives no results. I still have an account with the first lvl. I want to recover my own. Wars are continuing, I am a co-leader in the alliance - they need me. The Alliance is falling apart. Help. I am hopeless :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Did you ever get your account back. I’m having a similar issue now. The Game Center is linking to a different profile.:I’m missing almost a years worth of progress. I did submit a ticket and spoke to Apple for an hour, no solutions yet.

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