Account recovery help

Last Sunday I had just finished my war hits and logged off the game for a bit, when I logged back on my level 79 account had been switched to a level 5 account. This is the same tutorial account I had gone through when I switched devices in Aug of 2020. I contacted apple and have an email stating everything is fine on there end and it’s a developer error. Small giant just keeps giving the same bot answer but they did tell me today that I’m still logged into my level 79 account. Has this ever happened to anyone else and what have you done to remedy it? I’ve logged out of Game Center, deleted the app and reinstalled to no avail.

Is your iOS fully updated?

Yes, fully updated. It’s like I have two users attached to my Game Center account but both are me

Do you have a second device you ever use to play EnP? iPad? Via computer? Did you recently upgrade your phone?

I sure don’t. Just a previous mobile device that broke in 2020. Been playing on this device ever since

I suppose continue to communicate with SGG, as frustrating as that has been and possibly will be.

Or take it as a sign to move on and appreciate the newfound freedom and money (if you spend).


I heard this happens when you change the operating system. Try to play and level up a few levels.

I’ve read someone else had this issue a while back after an ios system update, I’ll try and find the post for you, but i remember he contacted from the new account the ingame support and persisted and was asked to give to support as much data as possible: lvl, alliance name, if he changed the nickname and what was called before, GPA numbers from receipts he got offers from the game and succeeded at some point

Not entirely the same issue but if you read the comments you’ll see that is doable

Seems like I need to be persistent but goodness, I losing out on so much stuff, titans, POV, chests, war, darts quest, costume chamber, now S5, and just the general comradely of my alliance.

I know but unfortunately there is no fast way or easy, it depends on your patience and the desire to get it back or lack of it

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Does it stand to reason, if I delete my account that Preformatted textI’m on, level 5, I’d get my level 79 back? Preformatted text

Don’t as you need to communicate with them from the ingame support in order to recover your alt

Hold off until Monday when SGG has staff back in the office to help you.

The marked my case closed and resolved this morning. :cold_sweat: The worse customer experience I’ve ever had!

Big, there are times in life when signs are given to you. Perhaps this is a sign that EnP does not deserve your valuable time and SGG does not deserve your money. Good luck with whatever direction you proceed.

Do you have your old account back yeah?

No, I got the same bot reply for a week. They stated I was signed into my level 79 account but I’m playing on a level 5.

The first response is a bot its standard for everyone … When a real person replys it does have there name there…

Has your #123abc number changed?

My level 79 account reads bighall52, the level 5 account reads as my gamer center user name, bighallis4UK. I used the free change a few years back. The account and my level 79 always comes up as “ logged in as bighallis4UK”