Account of our leader MH KEN lost.Help to recovering leader


Hello dear staff,

It’s been 3 weeks since our leader and friend |MH| Ken (leader of alliance |MH| ) lost his account. Yes, HE LOST it,the account still exists, he is still our leader, but he can’t log in.
He sent you a request in december, but you didn’t answer. But now, it’s no longer acceptable, he spend a lot of time on your game, making it better, and you just ignored him.
we don’t lost faith on you, so PLEASE, find his account, or at least tell us if it’s not possible, BUT WE NEED AN ANSWER.

Thanks, and now it’s up to you


Também não consigo acessar minha conta… já fiz de tudo, mandei vários emails e nada… minha conta é BeautifulShield1166, estou no nivel 26, aliança Fate Zero, sou vice lider… por favr me ajudem a recuperar minha conta


I’m sorry you guys are going through this. I have boosted the signal and forwarded this message to the community managers, and I encourage your leader to put in another support ticket using this link:

Ideally he should include the info listed on the FAQ (see below) for account recovery, so that support has all the information they need:

Account Recovery


I’m closing this topic as we cannot disclose details of any individual cases nor any support decisions are up to debate here.

All support requests (which are sent from the right channels - through in-game support buttons or through the form) are handled and responded individually.