Account number changes

Wait it’s not fixed?

This is something of a support nightmare: if I lose my account or otherwise have issues with it, I can’t get support if the game won’t load to see what the new account ID is unless I constantly screenshot it?

This makes little to no sense: keep a consistent account ID that uniquely tracks the individual so they can screenshot it or otherwise write it down once when they start and in case anything goes REALLY wrong they have a chance to recover it.

Meh, as is I’m going to have to see if I actually am logged into a game center account on my second account now knowing this that I may be completely hosed if my game installation breaks.

Honestly this is a bad design when it costs virtually nothing (and fewer transactional updates on the database I might add) to just have a single ID used forever.


Just for the record, my account ID hasn’t changed since I joined the game…

I can’t comment on the specifics but rest assured we can recover lost accounts and we do have very extensive logs. If an account is lost, the player needs to provide their current account identifier (this is automatically provided if they contact us by using the support button through their new “baby” account).

If a player can’t log in, they can still submit a ticket through our FAQ page. Most of the time, the game should show your current account identifier in the login screen (on the bottom right corner).

For account recoveries, we do ask players to provide receipts and connect their new account to Facebook, for verification purposes.


I was attempting to install update 1.10.2 on a device the other day.

The installation failed, and I couldn’t load the game. Fortunately IOS figured it out, allowed me to try to retry the update, failed again, and restored the prior version which allowed me to get the account ID saved.

What concerns me about this is if I hadn’t been able to load the game, apparently my old screen cap from a while back is now null and void and I wouldn’t have access to my current account ID.

Busted installs happen; agreed people should connect to the various services but not everyone does. Changing the account ID on a regular basis makes it harder for the end-users to get support if the proverbial fecal matter hits the air circulation device.

From my own experience supporting various infrastructures and applications, a fixed ID would alleviate this issue (users have been told in many games to write down or otherwise save their account ID) and I mentioned the database load issue even if it’s a small one compared to the rest of your application… literally this is the first time in any application game or otherwise that I’m aware of where one’s identifier actually changes. Government ID’s, patient ID’s, insurance company policy numbers, list is basically endless.

There’s good reason why nobody else did it this way, I’m really struggling to understand why the decision was made not to do this as it’s more problematic and cumbersome for your end users?


i am literally on the floor… laughing my fecal matter dispensing utility off


An account identifier is connected to a single registered device, and each device is linked to a single player progress. I hope this helps to clarify. :slight_smile:

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I promise Petri this is my last post on the subject as I don’t mean to keep badgering you on it; however, that’s not the source of confusion and doesn’t negate the fact that account ID’s are indeed changing.

I just verified on my own screenshots and my account ID, which has been on this one device since mid-July, has changed at least 2 times and I’m guessing more.

This is a PITA from an end-user perspective, it shouldn’t be done like this and I beg you to please look into it… it seriously makes no sense from a support nor infrastructure perspective, and it probably required additional lines of code to handle as well. I understand that apparently it works for you, but it’s bad for the end-user and I see no benefit on your side either.

As the game continues to gain in popularity odds are more people will have problems of the one that I outlined: neither Google Play nor Apple Store flawlessly update code, it does break, and this is a problem if we can’t get access to our account ID.

Asking us to know our account ID at all points in time for support requests if something goes badly wrong and we can’t access our account strikes me as the definition of insanity when it apparently changes with alarming regularity.

I have been told by alliance fellows if something corrupts the game save file, the device will recreate the saved game file using Apple’s Game Center.

Perhaps something similar happened to you.

Maybe, doesn’t change the crux of my argument that players should be identified by one identifier that doesn’t change as it’s required from a support perspective if something goes really wrong and we can’t launch the client nor reinstall it or whatever.

As is I’m about to take the admittedly scary step of trying to get my alt signed into game center on some new account and hopefully not lose everything because that appears to really be the only fallback mechanism for trying to keep things safe and tidy as my saved account ID might become null and void at any time.

This really isn’t a great solution TBH.

Apple’s Game Center uses a unique log in.

I hope the Devs don’t create their own log in. My other MMO “BoH” did this six years ago and regrets it to this day.

Maybe giving us the option of using a Google login or a Facebook login? Not sure how either works from the Devs end.

It’s not about a unique login.

The primary identification for support is our account ID: this is just an arbitrary number set by SG identifying the account.

That number changes and it should not. I should be able to take a screen cap of my ID once, just like my passport, and know that ID is the one that I need if I can’t get into my account.

I do not have the ability to do that reliably today because the ID number changes.

The number you appear to want, our server account ID is unavailable to the end user.

I play empires on multiple devices. My number displays the hash for the saved file on that device. My saved files are synced through Game Center and when a purchased a new phone, my new phone’s saved file was synced with my account and given a unique hash. If I switch between two devices too quickly the server burps and I have to let it do a second sync.

Which is something they could fix in the client and their support model, hence the request. :slight_smile:

You have to admit, me and Petri had no clue that is what you are talking about.

From a security standpoint I can see why they choose not to share.

Do support requests go through an email?

Maybe they can compromise and let you set a rescue email address, or mobile number, as a second factor authorization .

Ive just noticed this too. But it happend when i loaded my son’s game onto my phone and his account # turned up on my game when i switched from his to mine. It even took over my google acc and i couldnt buy gem deals unless i removed his acc. My old phone still has E&P on it and has my original acc#. Reinstalled and took my son’s game off and i have a new acc#. So i guess i dont need to panic then lol.

Where I can find someone in technical support for help me out?! really it’s frustrating to look up for your intructions and no one works.

Yesterday March 12th/2020 I tried connecting to my game, it started to load and when connecting it reloaded and a terms and conditions boxed popped up. I had no choice but to accept it and once I did it completely restarted my account at the beginning. I was logged into my correct Game Center account but now I cannot get back into my old account. I have spent loads of money on this game and I would really like my account recovered but so far I’m not getting any satisfaction. What should I do??

Have a read of this page.

Forum staff can’t assist directly with account issues, hopefully support can help :crossed_fingers:

Sorry March 12/2021… clearly I’m upset

I did try that avenue and they sent me an email saying I had to contact them through the game support. Which I did. They mailed me back asking for a purchase history for that account. So some progress is being made

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