Account mixup

Hi, i am trying to buy a second builder, but when a payment screen comes up, i am loged in as my second account, and i do not have registered payment methods there and I don’t want to register them.
Also I can’t log on to support

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So you’re logged into main game account but logged into alt account in payment center?

I had to fix this myself once before

I’ll try to recall what i did and get back to ya

On Gplay i am logged in in same account as game main account. But i have second profile in game and in gplay. Other games i have work fine. I get the main acc. payment screen
@Rigs thank you

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Did you try opening google play, switching to your other account then go back to the game to make your purchase?

Yes, didn’t work for me.
Restarted my phone also

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Alright I’m driving so that was off the cuff

When i stop to get gas, I’ll log into the game and see if i can figure out what i did

Thank you very much. Drive safe

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I cant get it to screw up again so i can attempt to fix it

Therefore i cant figure out what i did last time

If i figure somethin out, I’ll revisit this thread and let ya know

I doubt SG will be much help

You may be better off contacting google customer support

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Here is a link to support if it helps.

Can’t log on, i input my email and password, and get the broken page logo, on my phone and on my computer. This started after recent server trouble

Fixed the issue, deleted the account that was causing trouble and installed the game on another device

This appears to be resolved so I’m closing.

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