Account Missing

I usually play E&P on my iPhone and my iPad, but I was moving to an android platform and so I did the transfer last night (about 9 hours ago). The transfer appeared to work, but I wasn’t logged into google play at the time of the transfer and when I tried to log in after it was on the android device it crashed on me.

Now I am unable to log into my account from the android device (which was expected, as I should have been logged in before I transferred) but also my iphone and ipad are showing me the tutorial and not my account. I sent a support ticket to SG last night but they haven’t responded yet. I restarted my iPhone and deleted and reinstalled the game on my iPhone but those ideas didn’t help.

Is it normal when you transfer from one device to the other that the original device has no access anymore? When I did the transfer it kicked me out on my iPhone since the game was running concurrently on the android. Does SG usually take a while to respond to the support tickets?

Thank you in advance!!

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