Account lost


Hello my wife have lost her account trying to put this one on her mobile phone. She started the game on the mobile phone to link the account but she had to do the tutorial and start a new account. When she went to the ipad, where it was orignaly created her good account, she, by accident, choosed the one that she created in the mobile phone and know she cant choose again her orignal account.
Please I need help i have send a ticket and havent had a response from small giants.


try contacting them this way…the developers are the only ones that can do anything
if you have the account number and player name it will help them.

best of luck


Ive tryed but they dobt answer back!!!


Can you help Ago out with the account lost?


Yes pls petry I need help mu wife already receive an email but they havent solve the problem


Petry pls Ibneed some help!!! My wife has been 5 days without account!!!


@Petri I think this guy needs some help. Thanks!


Plsssss need help!!! Can ahi dev answer pls!!! Do they work here or something pls!!! Answer back!!!


Ago, I flagged a Dev above. Please check your email (and spam file?) to make sure you haven’t missed an email from them.

(Small Giants is a small company, so it might take a short while for them to get to you. They have always answered me.)


Yeah done all of that but no response from small giant!!! Not on my mail not on the mail of my wife. Pls need help.


@Coppersky: I know you’re not a Dev, but any suggestions? They’re already doing everything I know to do. :confused:


If she she is using an ipad, then the information should have been saved in Game Center. She will need to make sure that she’s logged into her original game center account to access the E&P account that she originally started on the ipad. What iOS is running on the iPad? This will determine how you manage the Game Center. It will be either through an app, or iOS 10 it’s accessed through the main settings for the ipad.

Hopefully this gives you guys something something to try!

But I absolutely encourage you to use this link to follow up with Small Giant’s support team directly. This is the best way to get your issue resolved!

Also, please include your wife’s game name for the account you want retrieved here in this thread. It will help Petri and RubiKinga to know which support ticket is yours from the reports sent to the zendesk link.

Let us know how you make out!