Account lost The 6th Dimension

hi I am Anakin ingame alliance the 6th dimension. phone died last night and I cant log back in can someone tell or hope someone from alliance sees and kicks me before next war.

Hey @Anakin

I did a join request on your alliance with the following message

forum message - your friend Anakin has no game access and requests you kick him. contact him on the E&P forum


Thanks you very much appreciated.:v:


I did the same like 3 hours ago since OP posted in another thread about it lol.


Well they haven’t kicked him

So it appears neither of us have any credibility :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


oh well. I even told them to go to and search for the thread. rofl


Yer all jus’ spies from their opponent trying to weaken them. For shame!


Feel your pain dude! Had the same issue when my phone died

I know the email for it but password when I try says changed 5 months ago when I swapped phone numbers last year. Can’t recover thru Google Play when phone number different and the password is for email they send it too lol.

I know my account number that’s it. I have two email address and Google play don’t know them like wtf it’s a headache! I did prepare for the worse

As Google play store and Google accounts is all email based the only way to recover an account is by using that same email on your current device. You can have multiple google accounts on 1 device.
The phone number isn’t really necessary.

If you log onto your Google account either from your device or anyone you can change your password and phone number there, do a password recovery through Google it’s self.
Once you have corrected everything there and set your device to same email address as your game was, getting into the game will no problem.

Good luck

Hi they still not kicked it I talking to Devs showing screenshots of recharges. I know leader is online if someone can try join and do the message again please.

It’s too late now. Your flags will go unused in the war unfortunately.


Hello Anakin our boss has done it now… He didn’t know you needed kick out to fix your account…

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Your spot will be available for your return.

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