Account issues and submitting a ticket

Ok so…

My iPhone X screen recently developed a “known issue” where the screen doesn’t respond… its basically a severe case of ghost touch.

Apple can’t help fix it due to… the pandemic…
And the mail in option comes with a price tag greater than paying the phone off and starting again with something more reliable…

I’ve already tried all of the Apple fixes including a hard reset using the side buttons. No dice

Left it in the freezer over night. I dunno why… no one told me too but sometimes I look for lost keys in there so I figured what the hell… no dice

Let the battery completely die. No dice

So… I had the forethought to take a snapshot of my account number months ago, and found that on my computer!

So… the dilemma:

  • I can’t open my phone to open the app, to submit a ticket…

  • And if I install the app on a new phone? In what order do I accomplish submitting a ticket to transition my account?

Is there an external way, outside the app for submitting problems like this?

If it is an iPhone too, there won’t be any issues. Just make sure you sign into your Apple game centre Account thing first.

Then download the game & open. You should pick up progress immediately.

If you are getting an Android it becomes harder… There is a process for transferring game from iPhone to Android (and vice versa) but it requires you generating a code on the OLD device & entering it on the NEW device.

To get around this, you will probably have to borrow someone else’s iPhone & login to your account on their phone. Then generate the code on their account, enter it on your new Android.

Instructions on shifting Android to iOS (and vice versa):


You can do it via the Support Website. It’s not as easy & requires more data input cause it doesn’t draw the information from your account.


I’m back:

Love ya, bye!


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