Account help


Hi everyone I lost my account today. I cam home from work, opened my app and am at Level 1. I submitted a support ticket and am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for Small Giant to restore an account?

I am really hoping I’m not screwed, makes me realized how much I have invested in the game once it’s gone. And the time it took to build my heros! I don’t know if I could start from scratch again.

Also, could it help if I uninstalled then reinstalled the app?

Any help is appreciated


I am not sure how long it takes. I think it depends upon if you have the account number or not. Game center on Apple and Android usually save the progress, also having the game connected to your Facebook account helps speed up the process. If you have the game saved on your game center you might want to start by making sure you are logged in there.


To stop the same headache from happening again. Read this… has great information :blush:


For lost accounts, you need to contact Game Support.

Read here:


Thank you, I have completed all the steps and sent a support ticket. I guess I just need to wait and see what happens.


My account was restored, how do I delete this thread?


I’ll close it. Happy gaming! :wink: