Account hacked

If you can receive the control back of your Google account I suggest to turn on two factor authentication.
Using that noone can log into your Google account without your approval. (Even yourself on a new device or browser or new location).
(Eg: You are receiving a popup message to your phone for example, where you can Grant / Block the access.)

Earlier this prevented me to be in a similiar situation.
I was notified that someone wants to log in, and I block it, and change my password immediatelly.

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Yup that’s what I thought. I can’t think of any other avenues. :(((

Ok update from yesterday, thanks to the wonderful staff at small giant games, they delinked my old google account, got me to create a new game on android (linked to a new google account) and linked that back to my origional account. So I have complete access again via IOS and Android. I’m one happy man ! Thank you SGG !


That’s great to hear! Congrats.

Nice to hear your issue was resolved. Congrats and thanks to SGG as well.

I believe Google turned on two-factor authentication by default for now. But it won’t hurt to double-check whether it’s active.


I have an old secondary google account, where this was not turned on by default.
I had turned on this two factor authentication myself 1-2 weeks ago.

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I’m delighted that got sorted out for you. I think I have posted elsewhere that if you have SG actively helping, they are/seem genuinely nice, courteous and helpful people. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great news. I hate thieves and hope they get what they deserve.

Yes, good news indeed :slight_smile:

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