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Hi, I’m hoping someone might be able to help.I have had my google account hacked and had all my recovery methods changed. I have had the account for over four years and used it both on Android (google) and iOS , I still have access to my account on iOS. I have gone through all the recovery methods available via google, including contacting their customer services. All to no avail. I have contacted SGG for assistance , but they keep referring me back to google to sort out the issue, which is pretty futile as I have exhausted all options with google. Currently the hackers have only moved my teams about and relocated me into different alliances , but I’m sure at some point they are likely to do something more drastic. I desperate to get by empires and puzzles account back , everything was fine 3 days ago. Is it possible to disassociate a google account with an empires and puzzles account?

I have currently stopped spending in game as I don’t see the point in continuing until I can get this issue resolved.

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

write to SG customer service… thru your game app or via your registered email with your account details.

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I have they keep giving me links to google account recovery, which I have done countless times and failed.

Mod edit - sharing screen shots with support is against fourm rules.

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They keep sending the same reply every time. I’m sure they must have the power via their servers to disassociate an google play account from a game account.

Don’t think that it would be a technical problem to change the google account of the Empires account in their database, but what about the legal aspect? SG doesn’t know you as a customer, they just know your google account. Even payments etc. will all be handled by Google.

Therefore, it should be in your own concern to figure the issue with Google and make sure that nobody else will have access to your Google Account.


So I will share some info regarding Google that I have come across & maybe it clarifies and helps.

So, as far as I know, SG doesn’t have access to your Google personal login details and hence they have asked you to solve it with Google directly, so expecting SG to solve it for you is NOT correct !

Similar issue related to loss of Google account access has happened in other areas of life of people around me and the service provider which was registered with that specific google email id / Android had sent the same message that SG has sent you.

So, get in touch to solve the android login issue with Google.

I have shared a practical experience and have nothing further to contribute on this topic.

Good wishes sorting it out !


Can you still use your Google device ? I am assuming that you can in some way.

The hackers disassociated your EP account with that Google email address.

First thing first, have you re-secured your device by changing your password to something more robust ?
Cos losing your EP account is one thing, losing your RL is another.

You cannot change your Google email address cos you will lose everything backed up. You can change your password.

I am not sure if you can recover your Google link for your account. You can try asking Google to search. There is an activity trail. They can check that on their end.

You should have a recovery email as well. Or be like me … with a few recovery emails only known to me. Google will request verification via your recovery email.

Last time this happened to an alliance mate, he couldn’t recover his account. And his account was a mature account. Like yours.

I hope you can recover your account. Good luck.

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I have no access to the google account anymore, they have changed all the recovery information as well as adding extra levels of recovery (usb key etc) . The hacked google account is still linked to my game account. I still have access via iOS (ie my apple phone). I was hoping there was a way SGG could disassociate the hacked google account from my SGG.

The only google devices I had linked to the account was my old phone , which the hacker have remotely put back factory settings and via my home PC ( using Blue stacks android emulator). Which doesn’t have enough information to be able to go through Google recovery (I have tried multiple times).

I thought you could only run your E&P game account either on IOS or Droid and not both at the same time…
From my understanding you can either migrate from one to the other…
Now it might be way difficult to dissociate your Google account without access to your Google account, 'cause you definitely need to log in to your Google account to do that…

This is where I also think you may still need to sort this with Google but with all recovery details changed it would also be difficult for Google to ascertain it’s your account.

Hmmm that make sense, but how can I convince them that ? I still have access via iOS but they can’t see that as don’t have access to game centre information logins etc

Once you have associated the account on both iOS and android , it’s available to both platforms. You can only ever log into the game with one device at a time.

I started on iOS with my old iPhone 5 , then I migrated to android when I upgraded my phone to a Samsung s9+, I’m now back on iOS using my new apple iPhone 13. I have had the account linked on Blue stacks.

Oh I see, I have never tried that, I just kept my main account only on IOS and the alt only on Android.

You can only have 1 login per account, wether that be android or iOS. So if your alt is on your android device. Do not link your main to the same google account or it will overwrite your alt. You can have a second google account and switch between them on the android device.

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It’s a relief that RL is not affected.

I am not sure that you can convince Google that it’s your account if even Recovery emails are changed.

Sending in a SS of your account in its current state won’t be helpful unless you have chronological SS of your account with dates to prove that it’s yours. Even then the hackers would have done the smart thing after changing Recovery emails: delete the app then reinstall.

This effectively voids all the historical SS that you may have taken off your Google account.

If you keep the account on your iOS, your play will be hampered as the hackers toy with you via your account.

It would be painful for me but, if it’s impossible to regain full control of my account, I would just kill off my account by eating up my roster and troops. Use up gems. Etc. to render that account now valueless to the hackers.

I still hope that you can get your account back somehow.

Yeah my main with all payment details etc is linked to Apple game game center.I have never seen any reason to ever mirage the account to Google, it will ever stay that way. The alt also would always remain on droid and Google, no cross platform no mix.

Now back to the issue at hand, SG support should be able to dissociate your Google account, but then the question of establishing the account owner identify will arise based on the two runing platforms!

@sft1965 I remember you had a similar issue and you’ve been in contact with Google support quite a long time, maybe you can help @Doomerd here?

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The issue is google can’t actually review your account, the only way they do it is by their automated recovery process. If they had oversight of my account I could have this resolved in 5 minutes.

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