Account expired date!

I was so bored lately because of the bad luck I had in the game. I don’t want to delete the game, but I don’t want to play for a while. How long will I not play, my account will still be active?

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As long as it’s linked to your Google play login, or apple equivalent, you should be able to uninstall it and come back at any time.

I uninstalled for two months and I believe people have gone much longer.



I don’t even think you have to fully uninstall. I’ve seen alliances where people have been gone for 100+ days, and they’re still listed in the alliance. Still holding onto cups with their long dead defense teams.


Thank you for your quick return.
I hope 2 months are enough for me. I dont want to try more.



Mom took a very very long break and was fine.


According to the current TOS - this can change - you are only guaranteed 180 days.

([Implemented - V41] Auto kick inactive alliance leaders - #24 by Gryphonknight)

But it can be longer.


I cannot check ( currently not installed) but I want to say 2-3+ years for some of the zombie alliances ( 20x -30x players, 1x war opt in ) Gryphonkit has fought.

I know zombie alliances do not show up in search, and cannot be matched in alliance war. But I have never seen any proof that SGG deleted any alliances, or users, since Empires began.


Zombie alliances! Yes, they exist… I’ve seen several. the weird part is, that they’re not all dead.

Here I go again with another one of my “back in the days” stories… but it is relevant to the discussion…

Back in the days, when my alliance used to do Alliance Wars… we only had 11 members opted in for wars. Several of our opponents had 25-30 members. We’d check them out before the war… thinking “holy crap! They outnumber us!”

Being the diligent leader and war coordinator that I am, I individually looked at every single member in their alliance, one by one.

"Okay, well their alliance leader hasn’t logged on in 150 days, so… basically, zombie alliance. We don’t have to worry about him.

Their highest trophy holder hasn’t logged in for 75 days, so… another zombie.

Next two highest haven’t been online in weeks… don’t worry about them…

Next guy down the list is online right now. He’s got a pretty nasty defense team, so I’m guessing he’ll be our worst opponent.

Below him, there are 2 more that have been active in the last 24 hours… another two who have been gone for months… another one who is online right now…"


Wasn’t rocket science, really, to figure out which 11 of their 30 we were most likely going to be fighting against.

The weird part to me was, why 11 active members would choose to stay in an alliance with 19 zombies? Especially when one of those zombies was their supposed “leader”? Would be easy enough for them to split off and form their own alliance, sans zombies. But maybe they just preferred the company of the dead. :grin:


This is what in the next part, Zephyr said, act as casual, no pressure, no strategy, just play on their own way.

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Totally understand, my alliance is very casual, alliance chat is usually dead, no pressure. I just thought that if you had 11 active players who played together, it’s probably better to just form your own alliance of 11 where the active members actually have leadership permissions, as opposed to hanging around in an alliance where the leaders are all zombies.

There aren’t really a whole lot of benefits to holding leadership roles in an alliance, but there are a few. Being able to edit alliance name, banner, and message. Being able to kick out lower level members, and recruit new members to take their place. If you’re just a member or elder in an alliance where the leader has turned zombie? You don’t have any control over anything. 11 actives in a 30 member alliance will still be able to kill the same level titans if they form their own 11 member alliance. They’ll still be fighting the same level wars. Difference is, they’ll actually have control over other alliance stuff, and have the ability to recruit new members if they want to. Or also have the ability to set alliance to Invite Only and reject join requests if they don’t want new members.

Heck, if you’re completely antisocial and don’t ever want to talk to anyone, but still want to be able to fight in wars and fill your titan chest? You have the option to create a solo alliance. And then you can do whatever the heck you want, whenever you want, and never have to answer to anybody else. I fully support that.

My guess is many of these zombie alliances are groups of real life friends where many have stopped playing. But the active ones don’t leave just in case their friends return.

The rest are completely casual. What difference does setting the banner make if you never use chat?


Banner doesn’t really matter, no. But I’ve seen posts on here from people saying “our leader hasn’t been online in 200 days, we want to be able to take over the alliance so that we can change stuff, invite new members, etc.”

I certainly wasn’t calling for these alliances to be dismantled or anything, I personally think that every player should be allowed to play however they want to play. Original point I was trying to make (back on topic) is that even though SG says they have the right to delete inactive players, I’ve never seen them actually do it.


Alliance chat

+1000x :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Chat apps

And they do not use Line/ Discord.

I am a chat mod in a different game, so I 100% agree with games not letting you message non- teammates.


It has a downside.

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