Account ban for travelling

Dear developers,

My friend got banned after 3-weeks business trip to USA (she lives in Sochi, Russia).
Response from tech support was something like “you’re permanently banned for account selling, with no right to appeal”.

Several questions on this situation:

  1. What exactly are the criteria for account ban because of selling?
  2. I’ll be having a vacation in Western Europe in several weeks. Will my account be banned? :slight_smile:
    What exactly should I do to ensure that I’ll be able to play from there and won’t risk a ban.
  3. If anyhow I get banned for travelling - how do I appeal?

Kindly ask for your comments.

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I’m closing this topic as it’s violating our forum rule #14. I would advice your friend to contact the support again. In general, travelling or changing your location doesn’t lead to account suspension. Only confirmed suspicious activity or Terms of Violations can lead to suspension of an account.

  1. Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.

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