Accidentally fed Lianna to BT


+1 googolplex :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Would love a way back machine option:

Wayback machine ( linky, linky)


Why do I get the feeling tequila was involved !!! :joy::joy::joy:

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Had a teammate let his kid do farming and he fed half his roster. I fed my old aegir because I hated him. Then they did the new buff and aegir is significantly worthwhile. Just gotta pick up and move on. Better than starting over through the tutorial!!


All about making smart decisions. DONT EAT ANY OF YOUR 5s.
There is an off chance that the new buildings can change them into other heros. Lock your heros. If you can eat a 5
you can afford extra hero capacity. If you’re spending money, wait to ascend a 5* if there is a chance something better is coming.
It’s hard to be sympathetic but I do feel for them , that’s a big loss, just dont do it lol :rofl:


Well the moment I got a hero that I like I luck it first before going further on what I am doing. I cant afford feeding Athena, Thuth Amun or Musahi.

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