Accidentally fed Lianna to BT

There is 1 Confirmation popup when you are about to feed a 3* or 4* hero to another and actually 2 Confirmation Popups when you are about to Feed a 5* hero to another.

I don’t believe Support will do anything, since this might actually be recorded into her Activities Log too.

@zephyr1 is correct. Any time a hero comes along you intend to keep, use the Lock Icon as soon as you get him/her/it, even if you plan on having him/her/it sitting on the bench at 1^1 for the time being. Placing them on teams is not a good idea in the long run, because you will run out of team space before you run out of hero cap space.


I feel bad for them, and though I think they should support, I doubt it will get reversed. I don’t love that policy, but I understand it and think it’s probably a reasonable compromise between fairness and efficiency for them.

As others have said, they should lock their keeper heroes.

I have posted before that the locking option should be available the moment you summon them.


That’s interesting, I had no idea there are 2 confirmation popups when feeding a 5*. I never dared to try doing it :slight_smile:

And yes I know she screwed that. All human beings make mistakes…

Epics and legendaries should be locked by default, but I think Lianna was Boldies best meal ever, even better than kobe beef…


Yeah, I’m a frequent top 100 player and when I began I fed a BoldTusk to a 3* before I knew what I was doing. Took me weeks to get another Tusky

Lianna. :frowning:

Not even a Boss Wolf or a Mok-Arr…

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There’s 2 that pop up for 5* heroes

Also, LOCK YOUR HEROES. :wink:

My Squire Wabbit wants to eat two Gravemakers now and Tyrum Burritos with dip. They are both whining, since they heard about that lucky Boldtusk.


It literally asks you twice “are you SURE you wanna feed away this 5* hero” so no sympathy lmao. Tell your mate “learn to read”

This is why I power level. Sort by power, start feeding from the bottom of the list.

Getting Lianna to 3:50 and not locked ? That is strange…it sounds a bit preposterous…

When I get a hero I’m planning on keeping, I LOCK it before I even get excited about it. No screenshots, no shout outs to my team mates - just carefully lock it and then double check it!

It’s an extremely painful lesson to learn and I’m sure she’ll never forget to lock another one!


I lock heroes when I get them, and double check.

Then when I put them on my Leveling Team I check again.

Then when I finish leveling them, I check again when I remove them from my Leveling Team.

I also routinely scroll through my roster while leveling to make sure nothing is unlocked unexpectedly, and I always sort by Power so the ordering would make any issues obvious.



apparently, she did it before, so she literally was asked 4 times if she wants to get rid of a 5* hero.

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+1 googolplex :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Would love a way back machine option:

Wayback machine ( linky, linky)


Why do I get the feeling tequila was involved !!! :joy::joy::joy:

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Had a teammate let his kid do farming and he fed half his roster. I fed my old aegir because I hated him. Then they did the new buff and aegir is significantly worthwhile. Just gotta pick up and move on. Better than starting over through the tutorial!!


All about making smart decisions. DONT EAT ANY OF YOUR 5s.
There is an off chance that the new buildings can change them into other heros. Lock your heros. If you can eat a 5
you can afford extra hero capacity. If you’re spending money, wait to ascend a 5* if there is a chance something better is coming.
It’s hard to be sympathetic but I do feel for them , that’s a big loss, just dont do it lol :rofl:


Well the moment I got a hero that I like I luck it first before going further on what I am doing. I cant afford feeding Athena, Thuth Amun or Musahi.

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