Accessible Fire (Red) Cleanser

Every other element/color have relatively easy access to cleanser:

  • Nature (Green): Costumed Caedmon
  • Ice (Blue): Costumed Sonya
  • Holy (Yellow): Vivica
  • Dark (Purple): Rigard

However, the only cleanser in Fire (Red) are Zimkitha, Guardian Kong, and Lady Loki, all heroes are hard to be acquired. Thus the number of available Fire (Red) cleansers in the meta is low compared to the other elements.

This has allowed GTV defense to flourish. As the tank in GTV is Telluria who is a Nature (Green) hero, the most suitable cleanser should have been Fire (Red). While this can be covered in some extent with other color cleanser such as Rigard, all 3 heroes in GTV give aliments, which means just 1 cleanser in the team might not be enough, even more so when Drake Fong join them.

With Telluria tank pandemic, it is more important to have widely available Fire (Red) cleanser. Thus I proposed that SG release a 4* costume of Fire (Red) hero as cleanser and turn (without costume) an existing underutilized 5* Fire (Red) S1 hero to become a cleanser:

  • Release Costumed Kelile with skill similiar to Costumed Sonya/Caedmon.
  • Change Khagan’s speed to Average and turn the defensive buff into cleanse

If the meta have plenty of Fire (Red) cleansers, Telly/Vela might not need to be heavily nerfed.

I would love a fire cleanser. Maybe Costumed Scarlett?


I pick Kelile because she is a sniper like Caedmon/Sonya. Scarlett can work too, but let her cleanse all, not just nearby.


Good news is they have more than one to choose from :+1:


I would be expecting this to get a lot of traction and plenty of votes.

Forum users have asked for buff of heroes that are already great/good so there is no reason for us not to vote here for being unanimously beneficial to all player levels and status. Be it a beginner, veteran, f2p, c2p and p2p, everybody wins with a classic hero that can be strongly used, if not at all counter, against gtv.

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And I’m for buffing some classic 5* heroe

But not with costume because the costumes it’s not the same heroes they are different heroes and we need heroes from tc20.


True, especially for S1 5* as 5* costumes are hard to be acquired (which means no easy access).

Hence why Khagan should become a cleanser in the original form, not needing the costume.

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He it’s the best candidate for this, he dont own a costume for now and they have time to make a proper costume after the buff, he it’s the worst classic red 5* evan after the % off attack they will give to him I will not ascend him because he it’s slow, squishy and hit only to 3, but if they fix it to be average and cleanser/dispeller he will be one of the most desirable hero from the classic heroes.


(Coming from a guy who’s never had good cleansers for the squad anyway,) I think a Marjana buff would also be nice. She’s not weak, but I don’t think she hits as hard as the other snipers and that makes red a weaker color. It’s not Marjana herself that needs rebalancing, but the color wheel in general. Gefjon is a good step in the right direction, but a more accessible sniper would help fight GTV and any green tanks yet to come.

Yes, GTV is powerful. The lack of good red tank busters wasn’t recognized by many until we saw a prevalent red tank. I’m not saying this is the only reason GTV stands so high, but reds lacking good cleansers and tank busters is a reason.

Oh, you know what? How about a cleansing Marjana costume? That’d be nice


Think a costume will be the way forward on this who ever it is will be a good move


Since we’re at it, how about a red dispeller?


I agree that there shall be an accessible red cleanser for C2P and F2P players but that is not the only solution that both player group needs.

There are many S1 hero’s that need dire need of balance starting with Obakan, Justice, Aeron.
All these hero’s are weaker than many 4 star hero’s. a 4 star hero Rigard outshines his 5 star one. This is not acceptable any RPG game. Higher class hero shall always outshines lower class hero’s.

These underwhelming hero’s also are kind of trap for f2p and c2p players. As with the excitement of having their first 5 star, many players put all their resources as only a handful check reddit or forum for information.

That’s why i support the idea of a red cleanser but before that i strongly want to see buff’s for S1 underperforming 5 stars. And the solution shouldn’t depend another P2W gateway costumes.


I deemed it appropriate to link this post of mine from another thread appropriately here in this thread.


I vote yes. // 20 chars


EDIT: mistaken identity… brain fart… please disregard. :wink:

Minor point, but Costume Caedmon dispels enemy buffs, he doesn’t cleanse his team. (NOTE: I had this mixed up with Melendor…)

Is there another Green cleanser - readily obtained, as seems to be the theme in the original post?

Good gaming!

Regular Caedmon dispels enemy buffs, the costume does indeed cleanse your team

EDIT… sigh… OK, I LOSE. Wow, brain fart. My apologies. :slight_smile:

I totally was thinking Melendor, not Caedmon. My bad. I’m going to get more coffee right now. TOTAL INTERNET FAILURE. :slight_smile:


Make sure you’re right before you “well, actually” me. :wink: <-- EDIT: observe how ridiculous this statement is now, in full context.

Show me on the card where it says he cleanses:

Good gaming!


LOL @Fizban. Good to know I’m not the only one who mixes up heroes.

Of course in my case it was Rigard and Renfeld … :exploding_head:


That is an opportunity for SG.
My vote is yes, this is a good Idea!

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I would like or either they add new heroes to the classic pull (from tc20) . Some of them more accurate to the nowadays meta. Or that they tweak the classic underpowered heroes like Khagan to make him a balanced but useful tool, like for example , providing him with cleanse.

I like the costume design and boost but they are still very rare for non spenders. Nothing worst than pulling a decent tc 20 hero that you know its incomplete due to you dont own his costume.
Anyways my vote is yes for a costume that cleanse, its better than nothing, and if it comes from an epic like Kelile much better because shes relatively easier to get her costume


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